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Quick Picks: Inifinite Stratos S2 Ep 9, Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 8, Samurai Flamenco Ep 8, Kill La Kill Ep 9, Yuushibu Ep 9, Log Horizon Ep 9

Inifinite Stratos S2 Ep 9: Kazashi refused to see Ichika after knowing her sister, Sara was the one who asked Ichika to help her. Sara declared the tournament opened and Ichika still couldn't find Kazashi.

Suddenly unmanned IS units attacked the school and Houki and the others rushed to stop them. One of the enemy IS attacked Kazashi and Ichika managed to save her. They began battled the enemy while Houki and Sara battled another. Sara used her Lance to pierce the enemy IS and it cause a large explosion knocking Sara out.

Ichika went to find out where the explosion is, leaving Kazashi to battle alone. When she saw her sister unconcisous, she flipped out and was knocked to the ground. The enemy IS tried to stab her but Sara shielded her and fell. Kazashi could hear Sara telling her to accept her weakness and turned it into a strength and became more focused.

Houki gave Ichika a recharge of power and together with Kazashi defeated the enemy IS. The other girls also defeated the remaining IS and the danger was over. Later, Kazashi and Sara make up and reconcile as sisters. Kazashi lend Ichika her anime DVD to him and accidentally claim she love anime instead of him...

The focus of this episode is Sara and Kazashi. Clearly, Sara want to protect her however it actually make Kazashi to live in Sara's shadow which make her a loner. But when Sara saved her, she realised her sister do care for her and they finally overcome their differences. The unmanned IS units are clearly from Phantom Task and Chifuyu's reason to lie the government that all core units are destroyed is still a mystery. Given that two of the cores are still in the school, I am guessing Chifuyu want to lure Phantom Task out in the open...

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 8: Haruto and the others managed to stop a Maguis ship from reaching Module 77 and they returned to the school with open arms. However L-elf is in a slump and blamed himself for failing to save Riselotte.

A famous news reporter, Barlet interviewed them and Shoko explained that they are getting supporters from many countries against Dorssia. Meanwhile, X-eins discovered a hidden compartment in H-neun's earrings.

As the representatives of different countries arrived for talks at Module 77, Amadeus, ruler of Dorssia intercepted the meeting via satellite and stabbed Saki in the heart. However her wounds regenerated and claimed that the students are not human...

So one trouble after another, L-elf is out and without his help, the students were left to fend themselves but with Amadeus using Saki as an example, it will cause widespread panic with the countries disbelief and suspicious. Can Haruto be able to overturn the tides without L-elf's help and what did X-eins discovered in H-neun's earrings?

Samurai Flamenco Ep 8: Masayoshi, the Flamenco girls and Goto defeated another of King Torture's monsters and were glad that there were no casualties. Three weeks ago, King Torture want the government to surrender which the government refused to compile.

A Torture monster hijacked a bus with passengers (Masayoshi's manager Sumi is in the bus too) and Masayoshi and the Flamenco girls defeated the monster with teamwork.  As the weeks goes by, more monsters appeared and the heroes defeated them. Masayoshi even got a new armor and gadgets to aid him and it make Mari jealous.

Masayoshi claimed he is enjoying the role of a hero which got Goto worried that he is getting self-centred. Meanwhile, King Torture was furious that Samurai Flameco is ruining his plans and began planning his next move...

So the battle is on as our heroes are battling monsters every week (like a regular toku series) Although there is no deaths after the first sighting but I am sure someone is going to get hurt since now Masayoshi is being self centred which I am sure it is going to come back in a backlash. Sumi also suspected that Masayoshi is Samurai Flamenco and even Konno also think that Mari and her friends are the Flamenco girls. So what plans will King Torture devise in order for our heroes to fall?

Kill La Kill Ep 9: Ryuko want to battle Gamagoori now however he explained that the battle will only start at 1 p.m which she has no choice but to compile. Mikisugi warned Ryuko not to underestimated the Elite Four however she took it optimist since she know Gamagoori's strength.

The battle began with Ryuko and Gamagoori. However she refused to attack him knowing it will bounce her off. Gamagoori instead beat himself up and activated his second form. Ryuko has no chance in getting close to him and kept getting beaten.

Gamagoori recalled his fight with Satsuki which she was impressed by his stubbornness. She told him to be her followers and shed his last tears for her. He tried to squash Ryuko however Senketsu told her to trust him and she deactivated her powers. Gamagoori trapped her in his body instead, Senketsu released the second form and defeated him easily. Inumata was her next opponent as he walked down to face her...

Continuing from last week, we get to see how Gamagoori battle (which I am thinking he is a masochist) and he is pretty tough for Ryuko. He is also the most loyal among the Elite Four as Satsuki inspired him and is willing to bet his life for her. With a new form from Senketsu, can Ryuko battle the brains of the Elite Four-Inumata who has yet to reveal his powers till now...

Yuushibu Ep 9: Raul and the others finally got their paycheck with extra bonus. Sera told them they are doing well despite Amanda's opening. Pino went to use her paycheck to get something special and Sera suggested that Raul accompanied her the next day.

They went to town which Pino learned how to buy things on her own. They then went to the market place and Pino was excited about it that she got lost. She came back wearing a dress that she bought and even used up all her money to buy unnecessary things.

Raul treated her to a snack and in return, Pino bought him a hand phone strap which she claimed it is the remains of a dead Yuusha. Later Pino was assaulted by someone unknown and when Raul came to her aid, she claimed the attackers are Yuusha who want Pino to be the next demon king and to revive the demon world...

Pino literately spent all her money in one day after getting her first paycheck which is so naive of her. But she also did give Raul an inspiration speech claiming that their paycheck was the result of hard work in the store and should be proud of it. But now with people claiming to be Yuusha who want Pino to be the next demon king could mean trouble for them.

These people claim without demons, many people ran out of jobs related to demon hunting which I am thinking they are selfish because they are so self centred and the peace after the last demon king is fragile and should be cherished. Will Pino forced to make the hard decision and Raul be able to convince her not to do anything foolish?

Log Horizon Ep 9: Shiroe gathered the major guild masters in Akihabara for a round table meeting and explained his motives. He want them to consider the safety of the city however Silver Sword's Guild Master-William did not care about his motives and left the meeting.

As Shiroe buy time, he has already ordered Akatsuki, Naotsuge, Shoryu and Hien to assist the rescue of Minori and the others players in Hamelin Guild. Shiroe also proclaimed the Guild Building is now his property which the funds are from the merchants guild.

With the Guild Building at hand, he basically control all the Guilds entry zones and the banks in the Akihbara Sever. Minori and Tohya make their escape but was spotted by the Hamelin leader, Schreider. The two of them managed to enter the Guild hallway but Schreider followed through. Akastuski arrived to aid them and blame herself for forgetting to add Schreider in the blacklist.

Shiroe managed to kick Schrieder out of the building where Naotsuge handle him with ease. Shiroe continued his plans to have laws in the city so that the players can enjoy the game and perhaps the rest of the world. However Issac of the Black Sword Knights insisted that Shiroe is hiding something else from them and demanded to know what is it...

So Shiroe's five million golds was to enquire the Guild Building in the sever. With it, he can blackmail all the guilds with this trump card in hand. With the banks also in his command, the guilds will have no choice but to listen. Furthermore, instead of going a frontal assault at Hamelin, he make the smart move of controlling the entrance of the various Guild zones and blacklist any players he please. Although his plans is to have law and order in the city, but Shiroe being Shiroe has a hidden agenda which we will find out in the next episode...

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