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Quick Picks: Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 8, Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 7, Samurai Flamenco Ep 7, Kill la Kill Ep 8, Yuushibu Ep 8, Log Horizon Ep 8

Infinite Stratos S2 Ep 8: Ichika tried to get Kazashi to be his partner but she refused and even gave a slap at him. The girls later found out that Ichika did not choose any of them as his partner and become "disorientated." Furthermore, Ichika was too dense to see any of the girls' reactions.

Houki partnered with Sara and during a body scan, she discovered that Houki's abilities has increased to S rank after piloting Akatsubaki and suspected Tabane could be behind it. Kazashi tested her IS however it suffered engine failure and nearly crashed. But Ichika saved her and she started to accept him.

He offered to help in fixing Kazashi's IS and got some of his classmates to help out. After fixing her IS, she finally agreed to be his partner. Later, she went to pass some cookies to him and overheard his conversation with Sara. She then realised that it was because of Sara that Ichika want to partner with her...

Oh Ichika, you are a dork. I know that sooner or later Kazashi will find out it was Sara who asked him to partner with her. I'm pretty sure that in the next episode, Kazashi will get pissed at both of them. I know Sara meant well for her sister but making Ichika a scapegoat isn't fair for him. Now he has to deal with all the girls for his actions which I am pretty sure it is not going pretty after that. Anyway, the tournament begin and how it goes. I got a feeling that Phantom Task will return but first, Ichika better take some cover from everyone!

Valvrave the Liberator S2 Ep 7: As L-elf took Riselotte away from the castle, Saki found her body and quickly switch back. However A-Drei found her and demanded to know what is going on.

L-elf was confronted by Q-Vier and they began battled with knives. Haruto arrived and L-elf instructed him to take Riselotte away first. As L-elf rushed to the draw bridge, Pino recognize Riselotte as one of them and she admitted to Haruto that she belong to the Magius, an alien race that has been secretly hiding for centuries on Earth.

She explained her race crash landed on Earth and has been possessing living things to survive. They formed the council of 101 and their plan is to turn all humans into energy sources. But because Riselotte was against the idea, she was punished by having a seal that drain her energy every day.

L-elf managed to get the drawbridge open and the crew took the space shuttle and blast off to space. Haruto got L-elf and returned to the shuttle. However the shuttle suffered damages and is unable to ascend. Riselotte used her powers to raise the shuttle but in the process lost her life...

I was right about the Magius are aliens and they want to turn humans into energy because of their abilities to produce Runes. You know, the girls in this show seem to get killed off easily. First it was Aina in the first season then Maria and now Riselotte. Man, they killed all the cute girls. But we do know that what the Magius really are and hopefully Haruto and L-elf could come up a plan to defeat and perhaps save the universe?! By the way, Saki is perhaps captured by A-Drei but I am pretty sure she has a plan to get out of her predicament...

Samurai Flamenco Ep 7: The city became peaceful because of Masayoshi and Mari's actions which make them bored especially Marie. Masayoshi later flipped his grandfather's notes and discovered that his parents were killed in a robbery overseas years ago.

He told Goto about it but because he has no memories of his parents. He decided to take it optimistically and continue to fight crime. The next day, Masayoshi was invited to be the police chief for a day and joined a drug bust with Goto.

During the raid, a man suddenly turned into a Giant Gorilla and started killing off the policemen. Masayoshi tried to stop it but it was too strong. Goto and him finally pushed the monster out of the window and it exploded after giving out a loud roar. A masked figure appeared in front of them and proclaim himself as King Torture and challenge Samurai Flamenco...

So for reasons unknown, a real Super Villain appeared and they mean business! Masasyoshi's parents killed by a robber remind me of Batman's back story but because he has no memories of his parents, it doesn't affect him that much which could be a good thing as Masayoshi could be cold and heartless if he found out his parent's death earlier.

But now we have real monsters and super villains in the city! I thought this show is just a mock on Kick-Ass but no, we have a serious problem! That Gorilla monster named Gorilla Guttoline is creepy as he decapitated people with his stomach! (Jesus!) With none of his gadgets not working and King Torture proclaimed war with the city, can Samurai Flamenco protect the city!?

Kill la Kill Ep 8: Satsuki proclaimed an election and the students are to battle for seven days. The survivors will then battle each other for the ownership of new Goku uniforms. Ryuko and Mako took a break and Ryuko went to visit her old house.

Ryuko recalled her father was obsessed in her research and she was left to fend herself. One day, she received a message from her father and found him dead and the murderer holding the other half of the scissor blade. They later hitched a ride from Gamagoori but they were attacked by other student clubs.

Gamagoori took upon himself to battle the clubs and recalled that Satsuki inspired him to be stronger in his younger years. He defeated the clubs with ease as his uniform has a second form. Seven days passed and everyone started battling, leaving Ryuko and the Elite Four standing. Gamagoori challenge Ryuko and they began battling...

We learned more about Ryuko's past and how she was left to fend herself during her younger years. But because of her father's death, she now has a new goal in life. Gamagoori is also a honorable warrior, he will not hurt Ryuko outside the school and show how awesome he could be. Furthermore, he was inspired by Satsuki as she showed her power against some bullies after Gamagoori was unable to and he shed his only tears for her. What a man! But now, the bets are off and Ryuko and Gamagoori are to battle each other if Ryuko is to know the truth of her father's death...

Yuushibu Ep 8: Raul and Pino brought Nova into the resting room and learned that the air-conditioner is spoilt. With Lore fixing it, the heatwave is unbearable. Sera suggested an open air sale and the girls wore bikini to attract customers.

The idea worked and even Elza, Lum and Airi got into the act. Lum came up with many ideas to attract customers and the shop sold many items for the day. Raul met the elder woman's son and he happened to be a reporter. He wrote a good article about their shop which caught the attention of Amanda's boss. He ordered a mysterious man in the shadow to take down Leon Magic Shop and claimed it is for Princess Pino...

What can I say but fan service! I love all the girls in their bikini except for Lore who finally got the air conditioner at the end. Airi was sent to spy on them however she got dragged into their antics and was having fun with it. I hope Airi will join because I kinda of want her in the same team with Raul. But now the head of Amanda is furious and send down this mysterious man who is somehow connected to Pino. I am guessing that he is also a demon which could mean trouble for Raul and company in the future!

Log Horizon Ep 8: Shiroe instructed Marielle and Henrietta to negotiate with 3 of the biggest merchants in the Akihabara sever. The two ladies asked for five millions gold from the merchants claiming that Shiroe is spear heading a quest that require a large capital.

The ladies also claimed if they are willing to sponsor the quest, they will get the food recipes that are successful in the guild. The merchants agreed and Shiroe moved to his next stage in his plan. As Minori and Tohya recalled their time after being trapped in the game, Shiroe invited several guild masters for a meeting in order to carry out his plan.

This episode is more of exposition since it is more of negotiating an agreement with the merchants and they were successful. We also know more about Minori and Tohya's time and the abuses they received by the Hamlin Guild and they were wondering should Shiroe risked for the two of them. So what could Shiroe be planning as he invited the guild masters for a meeting? Only time will tell as we wait for the next episode...

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