Monday, May 27, 2013

Quick Picks: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 7, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 8, Date A Live Ep 8

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 7: Mikoto spent the next few nights destroying every lab that are making her clones. Kuroko noticed her all tired everyday which worried her.

She later met a group of girls who are searching the mysterious "cash card" but told them to leave. One of the girls, Minori tried her luck again but was saved by Kuroko after nearly knocked down by a car.

After learning that Minori want to find the cash card as a parting gift for a friend who is moving away, Saten, Uiharu and Kazari offered to help and suggested to collect a four leaf clover instead as a gift.

The girls spend some time in the field and finally found one. Kuroko got some assurance from the others to trust Mikoto which later that night, she wish her well as Mikoto went off to destroy the last three labs. However the higher ups are planning something against her...

This week focused on our hard core yuri lover-Kuroko who is concerned for Mikoto's well being. Despite always acting silly now and then, she truly cared for Mikoto but it will probably take a while before Mikoto will reveal what is going on. But now the higher up know that Mikoto is responsible for the attacks and send their measures against her as we see in the next episode, she is up against some top ESP users...

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 8: Yukimura and Matabei were attacked by a strange energy based creature which is looking for a "Guardian Stone" However it was drawn away by one of the Dark Samurai-Inshun.

Matabei and Hanzo met to discuss about how weak they are compared to the Dark Samurai and wondered should they try to become Mumeakira's samurais. Later Jubei met Inshun and they get along pretty well.

Sen in bondage...Yeah!!!

Mumeakira suggested they patrol the streets to find the creature and spilt into three groups. Sen tried to take on the creature herself but was caught by it's tentacles. Hanzo tried her best to save her but was too weak against it.

Suddenly Inshun drove the creature away and the others arrived thinking that she is the one who created the creature...

After last week's confrontation with the Dark Samurais, Matabei and Hanzo have realised they are no match against them and a sense of uneasiness rest on them. They want to try to become Mumeakira's samurais but first, they have to overcome one thing-Kiss which explained the number of tries on the wall.

Next is the quiet one of the Dark Samurai-Inshun who is gentle and least violent among the four. Jubei didn't care who she is and make friends with her instead which I hope she survived in the end. But importantly, what is that creature and it seems to be related to the Dark Samurai's revival...What could it mean?

Date A Live Ep 8: Shindo asked Kurumi on a date which she agreed. Suddenly Origami appeared and asked for a date with him which he reluctantly accepted. (She was spared by Kurumi earlier)

I know what you are thinking..Touka should hold a certain plastic object instead...

Finally Touka who was feeling upset earlier, plucked her courage and asked a date from him (By posing sexy) Shindo agreed and now is in a tight fix. However Kotori agreed to help him on the actual day.

First, he met Touka and took her to an aquarium hall. He then excused to meet Kurumi and they went shopping in a lingerie store. Finally, he met Origami and they have lunch in a cafe. It went for a few hours and Shindo was almost out of breath.

Kurumi wandered on her own and saw a group of teens bullying a kitten. She invited herself to the group and suggested a "better" game. Shindo went looking for her and witnessed her killing the teens. She explained to Shindo that she want to get close to him so that she can "eat" him alive.

Suddenly Mana arrived to protect Shindo...

Shindo's longest day and dating three girls is a nightmare (no puns) for him. Given me a choice, I will take Touka or Origami who have good fashion sense. But now knowing that Kurumi is out to get him, will he choose to fight her or win her heart?

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