Sunday, November 18, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 39: If the Glass Slippers Fit...

Miyuki and Candy went to the library after class ended and came across a strange book on the floor. Miyuki realised it is the story of Cinderella when suddenly she was sucked into the story.

Pop crashed into the classroom to inform Akane and the others about the situation and met up with Candy too. Pop explained the book is the First Cinderella story and all the Cinderella stories around the world are connected to it.

They saw Miyuki is enjoying her role as Cinderella but the Bad End Trio arrived and want to change the ending of Cinderella to a bad ending. Candy accidentally touched the book and everyone expect Pop were sucked into the story.

The Bad End Trio became the wicked Stepmother and Stepsisters and make Miyuki's life difficult according to the story. An invitation came from the castle for the Prince is looking for a bride in the dance party tonight.

Some Fairy God Mother Yayoi turned out to be...

What are you supposed to be, Candy?

However the Bad End Trio trapped Miyuki in a cage and tied up Yayoi who is the fairy godmother. When the Bad End Trio went to the castle, Akane and Nao who are Cinderella's friends-the mice untied Yayoi and Candy brought a Pumpkin for the coach.

Yayoi used her magic and Akane and Nao become horses for the Pumpkin Coach and Miyuki a beautiful evening dress including the glass slippers. When they are heading to the castle, Wolfrun used his super breath and damaged the coach and leaving Miyuki behind.

Meanwhile, Reika who is the Prince was harassed by the Bad End Trio. Miyuki decided to run to the castle and met up with Yayoi. Miyuki hitched a ride on Yayoi's flying broomstick and flew straight to the castle.

They crashed into the castle and send the Bad End Trio flying away (A Team Rocket Send Off) Reika and Miyuki began to dance and enjoying themselves. When the clock is reaching midnight, they re-enacted the scene of the glass slippers however the Bad End Trio tried to stop them.

Precure 101: Always bring your Henshin Item with you! 

This is awkward..

Wolfrun used a red ball and change the glass slipper into an Akanbe. Miyuki want to transform however the rest of the girls left their Smile Pact back in the real world. She transformed to Cure Happy but the Akanbe keep running away. Yayoi told Cure Happy if she doesn't stop the Akanbe before midnight, the story will have a bad ending.

I can transform to Princess Form on my own!

This is the power of LOVE!!!

Six more to go!

Candy used the sweet decor to create a shower of sweets and knocked the Akanbe. Cure Happy transformed to Princess Form and used Princess Happy Shower (I know she called it Cinderella Happy Shower) to defeat the Akanbe and got a decor.

Let's get Married! (Marry me, Reika!)

Reika got the glass slipper and proceed to find Miyuki. The Bad End Trio tried their last attempt to ruin the story however Candy found the real slipper and Miyuki wore it and the story ended.

They returned back to the real world and the Bad End Trio retreated. Miyuki thank her friends for helping out although Pop discovered the story of Cinderella has been slightly altered due to Cure Happy's action...

This is what I want to see in a Smile Precure Episode! The girls encountered different fairy tales and there could be many outcome of the story. As Smile Precure centred around fairy tales, they haven't been doing any fairy tales related episodes (I know the new movie show them experiencing different stories)

Instead for the last five or six episodes, it is more of character based stories which are good (Akane's first love) or bad (Reika's election and Yayoi's robot fantasy) I know character development is important but if Smile Precure want to break out the shadow of Yes Precure Five Gogo, they should choose the fairy tale routes which is far better.

If Heartcatch Precure taught us about the different emotions of flowers and Suite Precure is about Music calmed the savage beast (Which is hardly) Toei should start focusing this route but given that we are left with 9 episodes, it is an uphill task to make amends.

I am Pissed off!!!

Next episode is another Akane episode and this time, she has to decide what she choose in her life-Volleyball or Okonomayki and she is not taking any prisoners!


  1. God I can't believe ther's only 9 episodes left. I don't want to believe it...


  2. The air date in this episode is also Chinami's (Reika's seiyuu) birthday. OMG REIKA'S TOO PERFECT AS THE PRINCE!