Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quick Picks: Busou Shinki Ep 6, Girls und Panzer Ep 5.5, Chuni Byo Ep 7,

Busou Shinki Ep 6: The Shinki were waiting to board their flight and encountered an air steward who is the same model as Ann.

In the cargo hold, they met up with Kurara and started talking about their master. When Ann went to get the memory card from their luggage, the rest spotted a trio of air stewards (Ann Models) arming a bomb with a memory card.

They were spotted and began to fight. Hina and the others took down two of them but the leader spotted Ann and they too battle. Ines and Lene were confused which is the real Ann but finally Hina asked Ann her given name which the real Ann answered correctly.

Is Ann a good model for Combat? I thought Straft are better...

They tried to disarm the bomb with the card however it was the wrong one and an explosion caught them. However it was all a training exercise and the supposedly 'Terrorists Shinki' board the wrong plane which their commander apologize to Ann and the others.

Rihito retrieved the Shinki and even picked the right Ann from the group of Ann. She asked him how did he know which is the real one and he replied a gut feeling...

So it was just an exercise that nearly got out of control and they were lucky the bomb wasn't a real one which I was shocked for a moment that the bomb exploded. But it also showed that the Shinki could be used as weapons depend the masters' orders. I wonder if there is an enforcement unit that deal with Shinki crimes?

The last scene with Rihito picking the right Ann also showed he know his Shinki well enough to know it is his Ann. Next episode, the Shinki listen to some ghost stories though I was wondering how can Shinki get scared over an immaterial object like ghost?

Girls und Panzer Ep 5.5:  It is a recap episode from Episode 1 to 5. Not much to say as next week is the conclusion to the Sanders Match.

Chuni Byo Ep 7: The gang tag along with Rikka and Yuuta to visit her grandparents in the countryside. After Toka fetch them to the house, they were welcome by the grandparents however Rikka's grandfather was unhappy to see her.

The gang enjoyed themselves in the beach however Rikka tried to drag Yuuta away but was spotted by Toka. She later explained to Yuuta that Rikka could not accept her father's death three years ago and her mother left them with their grandparents. Rikka changed her character after that which Yuuta now understand her more.

Don't worry! Just landed on some bushes!

That night, Yuuta promised to go with Rikka and they quickly took a bicycle and ran off. Toka chased behind and after a while, Rikka finally arrived her destination which is her old family house.

However, the house is gone and it is now a empty piece of land. Toka arrived and told Rikka to accept the truth. She got emotional and attacked Toka...

One side of laughter, one side of emotions-Rikka didn't become who she was today due to childish but more of running away from reality. Her father's death caused the trauma and the only way she can go on is to believe her father is still alive and behave like a fantasy character.

Compared to Yuuta, Shinka and Sanae who probably had immature thinking in the past and behave like fantasy characters, Rikka is a sad case of running away from reality. But now seeing the empty land which once stood her old house that have memories of her family spark her emotionally and she vented her anger on Toka. Can Yuuta prevent them from making their relationship more stranded that it was? See you next week!

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