Sunday, November 11, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 38: Kids R Us

Nao saw her father playing tag with her siblings at home. She didn't join them claiming she is not  a kid anymore which her father was upset.

Nao met up with the rest of the girls when strange liquid from a bottle fell on them. Their bodies suddenly change to little kids including Candy too.

Majorina was searching the same bottle and found Wolfrun and Aka Oni got turned into kids too. Aka Oni told her he threw the bottle into the human world which she went there immediately.

Where did the pacifier come from?

I found a NUT!

Pain goes away!

The girls tried to piece together what happen and conclude that it is another one of Majorina's inventions. However the girls began to enjoy themselves as kids again and started playing around in the park.

They met Wolfrun and Aka Oni and both were surprised to see each other in their current state. But somehow they got along and started playing together. A policeman told Majorina that he saw a drawing of her at the park and she rushed there immediately.

How sweet...

We want Candies!!!

Six more turns!

It's cold here...

Majorina found everyone but they started pestering her to change them back. She got pissed and sucked Bad End Energy from the people in the park. The girls transformed and Majorina used a black ball to change a walnut into a Hyper Akanbe.

Too High!

I am scared of Thunder!

The girls tried to take on the Akanbe but they were too weak. Cure March started to play tag with the Akanbe and the rest joined in (Including Wolfrun and Aka Oni) The Akanbe was getting tired and the girls used their special attacks however their powers have weaken and has no effect.

Seven more to go!

Aka Oni and Wolfrun demanded Majorina to give the antidote and they started fighting over it. The antidote fell onto the girls and they revert to their original form. They then used Royal Rainbow Burst to defeat the Akanbe and got a new decor.

After Majorina retreated, the girls were walking back home and Nao claimed it was nice to enjoy their childhood one more time.

Nao with her hair down and in a sleeping gown (Can I sleep with you?)

Mother is very Angry...

Later that night, Nao joined in with her family for tag and they got a scolding from their mother after that...

I like the idea that this episode is dedicated more to Nao although I will rather have Nao not get turned into a kid instead, she tried to take care of her "little friends" which will make a more interesting episode. Why? We know that Nao take care of her younger siblings when the parents are at work but how she handle it on a daily basis is hardly touched on other than her first appearance as Cure March. Although she did get the rest of the girls to work together and encourage them when they are faced with Majorina which shows she can still lead by example.

Furthermore, the opening premise show her father wanting her to join in but she declined, claiming she is not a kid anymore. However her father mumbled that in his eyes, she is still a kid and should not take things too seriously. (Which Nao finally understand and started playing with her siblings in the end)

But instead we got everyone including Wolfrun and Aka Oni into little kids and the interaction was funny at some moments. The scene where Reika and Wolfrun standing together was really cute and Cure Sunny trying to use Sunny Fire was hilarious. Overall, an okay episode but I prefer to have Nao remain as she was and to take care of her friends instead. (Last question, if they got turned into kids, shouldn't their clothes got too big due to them shirking?)

Let our powers combine!

Prince Reika?! (Are they doing a remake of Utena?)

I know it is a spoiler but the opening credits shown how Cure Happy turn into her new form in the movie and in the next episode, Miyuki got trapped in Cinderella's story and become a real Cinderella equipped with the Bad End Generals as the wicked Stepmother and Stepsisters, Yayoi as the fairy god mother (?) and Reika as a Prince?! See you next week!


  1. Well if their outfits shrink they would be naked and then it'd be like child porn or something...

  2. Remember Dog Days Season 2 in one of the episode where some of the cast got turned into kids and their clothes didn't fit due to their body size...

  3. this episode was so cute, especially kid Aka Oni and Wolfrun! I wonder what will happen in the final episode, will these guys turn good after all. I expect to see loads of Reika x Wolfrun on pixiv now and if next week's episode is anything to go by, Miyuki x Reika too.
    Aka Oni in drag...LOL!