Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quick Picks: Girls und Panzer Ep 5, Chuni Byo Ep 6

Girls und Panzer Ep 5: The girls were discussing their upcoming match against Saunders High when they met Miho's elder sister, Maho and her 2nd in command, Erica. Erica mocked Miho will disgrace her family's name if they are unable to defeat Saunders High which pissed off the other girls.

Later, Yukari sneak into Saunders High and managed to get details of their firepower. Under Miho's command, the girls become more competed and even got new uniforms for the team.

The match between Onari High and Saunders High commences and Miho was suspicious that Saunders High was able to anticipate their moves. She realise they are intercepting their radio transmissions and decided to use it against them. They managed to take down one of Saunders' tanks (By using cellphone and keeping radio silence) and prepare to take on the rest...

I am starting to realise this show has all the cliques of a 90s Sports Movie. The sport is Sensha Do. Miho is the star player who can make a difference. The rest of the girls are typical 90s Sports characters. You have rival characters who are like the villains who try to cheat or mock our heroes. (Saunders High cheated by eavesdropping and Erica who insulted Miho and Maho didn't said a word about it)

From what we can tell, Miho is actually 2nd in command behind Maho but it is probably to an incident which cause her that she withdraw from her sister's team. Hopefully we get to that soon and Miho is also suspicious of the Student Council's true motives into entering the tournament in the first place which I am guessing it is probably bad news if they failed to win the tournament.

Anyway, next week we are having a recap episode titled-Ep 5.5: Introduction and the week after that, the conclusion to the Saunders High match.

Drink your Milk, Bitch!

Chuni Byo Ep 6: After Rikka gave a new T-Shirt for Yuuta to wear for the club, he was approached by Isshiki who claimed to have gotten a love letter from a secret admirer. Later he was threatened by Shinka not to reveal to anyone about her sudden outbursts with Sanae.

If you said anything, you are so dead!

Don't worry, your hair will grow back in three month times!

Isshiki lost a note book containing all the data of the females students in their class and was picked up by Shinka. She demanded the owner to own up which he admitted. He tried to amend his mistake by claiming he will shave his hair off which Yuuta later shave it for him. (Shinka and Sanae couldn't stop laughing about it and Rikka gave her blessings to him after that)

Although Ishinki didn't know who is his secret admirer but he became a hero among the male students. Later, Kumin had a strange affection to Ishinki's bald hair. Meanwhile, Toka want Yuuta to come along with her and Rikka for an overseas trip...

I don't know how normally girls will react if they find out a guy has been keeping taps on them and putting in a notebook but I think it is probably closer to being stalked which is why the girls were unhappy about it. Although it was hilarious to see Shinka behaving normally one moment and then psycho girl the next. Isshiki is really Sakurai all over again and his sacrifice make him the idol to all the male students similar to Sora no Otoshimono.

The last scene at the end indicate that Toka want Yuuta to tag along could mean she trust him in keeping an eye of Rikka and I hope the rest of the girls will come along if possible. (With crazy results, I hope)

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