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Quick Picks: Busou Shinki Ep 3, Chuni Byo Ep 3, Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Ep 1, Panzer und Girls Ep 3

Hina Lee?
Busou Shinki Ep 3: The Shinki heard the news of a Shinki thief stealing parts and new models and a fellow Shinki, Kurara asked them if they are interested in patrolling the streets for the thief. Only Hina was interested while the rest stayed behind.

However Rihito was brought by the police for questioning after mistaken as the Shinki thief. Ann and the others decided to find the real culprit and encounter two racing Shinki, Ach and Yda who mistaken them as accomplices for the thief.

This won't hurt a bit, Hina...

Luckily the matter is resolved after the thief was captured and the two racing Shinki went off in search of a better master. Rihito returned home and saw Hina had a scratch on her buttock and gave a new paint job for her. The others were envy about it and demanded a new paint job too...

Like I said before, the Shinki really has different personalities and they can act on their own without their master's order. Like any items, it can be used for good or bad purpose in this case, the thief make use of the two racing Shinki to make his getaway. So a possibility that not all owners are kind hearted like Rihito and they can be used to commit crimes. Although Hina is designed for combat but Ann can hold on her own and she did outsmart the racing Shinki by throwing her jet pack as a distraction and defeat her after that. Maybe Ann is more dangerous than Hina...

Next episode, the Shinki have a race with the Racing Shinki around the park?!

Yuta-Enivous of the class!

Chuni Byo Ep 3: Yuta have to decide which club to choose in which Rikka want to form a new club-Far Eastern Magic Society and he was dragged into. After Kumin who want to join the club as she can take naps, Rikka called upon a fellow delusion friend-Sanae to join too.

Stop playing around, you two!

Although they can't form a club with four people, their teacher allowed them to use one of the older classrooms to form a circle. After Rikka and Sanae got into one of their delusions again, they clean up the classroom. The next day, Yuta's crush, Shinka want to join their club too...

So like K-On and Hyouka, another club is created for this show which is called the Far Eastern Magic and Napping Society. Rikka and Sanae really have issues about their delusions and even tried to fool their teacher. However their teacher was too smart to fall for it and even make a fool of Rikka. But why Shinka who is like the model student will want to join the club? Don't tell me she is also another victim of Chuni-byo?

Mario and Yoshi are packing!

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Ep 1: In the world of Consume, a young teen named Gear decided to join the Segua Army to take revenge for his friend, Til who was killed by Ninterudo Empire. He impressed the General of Segua, Ramses on his take down against an army of her men and recruited him as the special forces.

I didn't know Sonic's head butt can destroy clothings?!

However Opal, another member of the special forces does not accept him and challenge him which ended her being defeated by Gear. Later a plan was devised to rescue their top general, Alex who is held captive by Ninterudo Empire. Ramses hired a mercenary, Tejirof and he easily defeated Gear in a sparing contest.

Tertis Wall-Sonic's Weakness!

But Tejirof decided to train Gear, Opal and Gear's sister, Nel for preparation to rescue Alex....

Imagine if the consoles war of 80s and 90s is told like a fantasy story and all the game characters you know and love become human. That will be awesome! So Gear is inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog with his speed and head butt attack (Sonic always do that) Til who is inspired by Tails, Sonic's partner and Nel is Nei from Phantasy Star 2. Opal is based on the shooting game Fantasy World, Ramses is from Columns and Tejirof is from Tertis (You know, Brick Game?)

On the Ninterudo Empire, so far we saw Marcus who is inspired by Mario and Zelig who is inspired by Link from Legend of Zelda. There are more characters not just from Sega and Nintendo like Enix's Yuusha which is from the Dragon Quest Series, Tatio's Bubble Bobble and Darius. So it is pretty cool.

If you find this artwork familiar, it is done by Hentai Doujin Artist, Crimson who did parodies of Dragon Quest Series, Jump Comics Series and Final Fantasy Series. That is why this show has it's far share of Fan Service which it is better than To-Love Ru Darkness. This show has it's own manga series which is still on-going and from what I heard, it is pretty good as they moved further into the last two generation consoles era. (The PS1 Era)

It is a good show however the next episode is coming out three months later. (Do we really have to wait that long?) but if you can't wait for it, you can go to Crimson's website to read the story but it is Japanese or there is already a Chinese version of the first two volumes out in stores now.

Panzer und Girls Ep 3: After bringing Mako who fell asleep in the battlefield, Miho and company were cornered by the other tanks. But thanks to Mako who drove the tank after reading the Manuel in sixty seconds and Miho's command, they defeated the other tanks.

The girls convince Mako to join them which she reluctantly joined after knowing she can get extra credits. The student council organise a friendly match with the runner-up of the National and Miho is put in charge of commanding the squads.

Wake up with a Shot by a Tank!

After dragging Mako who has problems waking up (with their tank firing a shot in the air) the team arrived and began their match with their opponent...

I did said before this show was sexist as there is no male character to support the cast. But the tactics and action was pretty all right and the chemistry between the five main girls was fun to watch. So what the heck, just watch the tanks blow each other up!

So after some thoughts, I decided to do these few shows for Quick Picks. You realise that I am not doing a full review for a particular show other Smile Precure this time around. Reasons being, I am busy with my own work and personal commitments. Some of the shows like Jojo, Magi and Btoom, I am reading the manga and I am not sure how much source material the studio will be using so I don't want to disappoint myself if I found out they barely scratch the surface and leave a second season dangling in the air. The rest of the shows, like I said before in my First Impressions last time, some of them are really BL or bad in my taste. So anyway, I hope you like my choices for Quick Picks and see you in the next post!

P.S: I am aware that Zombie Desu Ka has a new OVA. Once I watch it, I will most probably review it!

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