Sunday, October 21, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 36: First Love is always Bitter...

Akane accidentally fell down and an English speaking foreigner asked if she is okay. The man held her up and told her it is okay in Japanese. The next day in class, the same man was introduced by their teacher which left Akane surprised.

The man is Brian Taylor from England and he is an exchange student and will be staying in Japan for three weeks. Akane was tasked to show Brian around and the rest of the girls gave all excuses not to get involved.

Ladies First!

No, Brian. Reika is not Ninja Girl!

My Yayoi Sense is Tingling!!!

Akane have problems communicating with Brian with English at first but they understand each other after a while. She kept talking about Brian with the other girls which Yayoi suspected that Akane has a crush on him which Akane felt embarrassed about it.

The Cinderella Slippers Trick!


Tried Drawing?

Love Letter?

The girls tried all ways to help Akane confess to Brian but she refused to take their advices. Later, she saw Brian looking for delicious Japanese food and she took him to her Okonomayaki store. Akane even taught him the Kansai way of saying 'Thank you' and he soon get along with Akane and the others.

Time passed and Brian told Akane that he is returning to England the next day which got her disappointed. Brian bid farewell to the class however Akane refused to see him. Miyuki and the others found Akane mopping alone. Miyuki asked her if doing nothing matters to her.

Eight more turns!

Wolfrun appeared and suck a couple's Bad End Energy. The girls confronted him and transformed. Wolfrun used a black ball to turn a key necklace into a Hyper Akanbe. As they were fighting, Wolfrun claimed that love and affection is pointless which pissed Cure Sunny off.

Cure Sunny is Packing!

Nine more to go!

Candy used the sports decor to give Cure Sunny a wooden sword which she supercharged it with her power. She managed to knock the Hyper Akanbe down and they quickly used Royal Rainbow Burst to defeat it.

Run, Akane! Run!

After the battle, Akane rushed to take a bus to the airport. However the bus is caught in a jam and she took Miyuki's bicycle to get there. She had a fall but continued to run to the airport.


When she arrived, she thought she missed Brian's flight however he was waiting for her and he believe that Akane will come eventually. He thanked her for showing around for the last three weeks which touched Akane in which she replied thank you in English...

I like this episode because it showed a different side of Akane. She was worried that Brian will make fun of her however he was understanding enough and they got along very well. Even though it is only for a short period, I think Akane left a good impression for Brian and maybe they could get together again in the future. (Akane should let down her hair more often, she looked nicer with it)

Brian is voiced by Kakihara Tetsuya who did Simon of Gurren Lagann and Ryuho of Saint Seiya Omega. Furthermore he can speak fluent English which make him a perfect choice for Brian and he can speak German as he also did the voices of the German speaking devices in Nanoha Series.

The fight was all right and I was expecting Wolfrun will suck Brian's energy rather than some random couple which will raise the stakes higher for Akane. But I am glad they didn't take this route as it is a plot device being done before in most Mahou Shoujo Animes. (Example: Sailormoon)

A guess to figure who they really are..

Get up, Cure Beauty!

Hey look! Sparkles, Sparkles, Sparkles!

Next week, we have a Reika episode! Three mysterious students tried to become the new Student Head and Reika has to compete with them. Yes, I am aware of the movie highlights they showed in the opening but I won't get into it until I personally watch the DVD release which is probably out next year.


  1. Lokks an interesting episde But I have a question. In this episode begins the clips of the movie or is next week?

  2. This episode has movie preview clips.