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First Impressions: Busou Shinki Ep 1 and 2, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Ep 1, Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne Ep 1 and 2, To Love Ru Darkness Ep 1 and 2, Code Breaker Ep 1 and 2, Girls und Panzer Ep 1 and 2, Ixion Saga DT Ep 1 and 2, Project K Ep 1, Magi Ep 1, Psycho Pass Ep 1, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Ep 1 and 2, Zetsuen no Tempest Ep 1, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Ep 2

Hi everyone! I finally watch the first or second episode of the new autumn anime season. So here is a quick run-down of what I think of the new shows.

Busou Shinki Ep 1 and 2: It looked like a cross between Angelic Layer and Chobits in a mini pack. Our four main Shinki who have superior AI serve their master Rihito in his everyday life like cleaning the house, making meals for him and even help to receive parcels on his behalf. However, Strafe aka Hina who is the latest member of the group does not fit well with the others as she is programmed for combat rather than domestic helper. The four main Shinki have interesting personality and they also have to deal with rival Shinki who can act on their own without their master's orders. So far, it is pretty interesting especially the combat scenes which is closer or better than Infinite Stratos.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Ep 1: Set before the beginning of the 20th century, two youths, Jonathan Joestar aka Jojo and Dio Brando crossed paths and their lives were intertwined forever. Dio plotted to kill Jojo and inherit his family's fortunes however Jojo's luck has averted his attempts. I have already read the first arc of this long running manga and it is following very faithfully to the source material. Jojo is brave and righteous while Dio is scheming and will do anything to gain power. The artwork is of course kept to date to the current paintwork and even the sound effects that appeared in the manga also appeared as part of the background. The Phantom Blood refers to an ancient Aztec mask that will gain the user immortal powers which Dio will wear it and Jojo will learn an ancient fighting style to defeat Dio. Good Start but I knew how the ending will be and I won't be surprised if the animation studio will want to do the rest of the Jojo series.

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne Ep 1 and 2: Akiko has a serious problem. She is madly in love with her elder brother, Akito and they have started staying together in the same dormitory near their school. Akiko tried all ways to seduce her brother but the arrival of three more female tenants complicated things as they too tried to seduce Akito. Unlike Nakimo which is a guy looking for his long lost sister, this one has a girl who is desperately trying to get laid by his brother. An okay show but there are better ones. (Why the hell is the title so damn long!?)

Kotegawa Yui-The only Good Thing that come out from To Love Ru!

To Love Ru Darkness Ep 1 and 2: The third season of the harem manga but the focus is on Momo's attempt to make an Harem for Rito and Yami's past come back to her when a mysterious girl named Kurosaki Mea who has the same powers as her forced her to choose a side. The censorship is pretty bad with ray of lights in every nudity shots. I was surprised that the second episode was pretty deep with more focusing on Yami's inner psyche. If you really want to enjoy this show, go and read the manga or wait for the blu-ray release instead.

Code: Breaker Ep 1 and 2: The combine duo of Nobuhiko Okamoto and Hikasa Yoko returned after Hagure Yuusha but this time their roles were reversed. Sakura who is voiced by Hikasa Yoko played a righteous girl who witnessed Nobuhiko's character, Ogami is a vigilante who kill people with his blue flames that appeared from his hands. I felt Ogami is like an anti hero and put up a mask to cover his homocide thoughts. Sakura tried to stop Ogami from killing anyone and is sticking to him like glue. I read the first volume of the manga and it is pretty all right however the anime seems to focus on Ogami and his other four comrades who looked like they should belong to a metro sexual magazine. (Really, they look like models at the end credits)

Girls und Panzer Ep 1 and 2: Miho belong to a family who is famous in Tankondo or driving a tank and winning it. But she hate it and transfer to a school that doesn't have Tankondo. However the student council suddenly revive Tankondo and demanded Miho to join the club. She reluctantly joined but soon realised her experiences are aiding her. I have one complaint for this show. Is there any men on this huge battleship that resembles a town onboard? This show is pretty sexist even the instructor is a female. Furthermore they treat Tankondo like how the military used to recruit newbies during WW2. (Join Tankondo and men will love you)

When in doubt, Kick him in the balls!

Ixion Saga DT Ep 1 and 2: Kon got sucked into another world and he saved the life of a young princess, Ecarlate. He also got hold an Alma sword (after kicking the previous owner in the ball) and is now tasked of escorting Ecarlate to another kingdom. So Kon is struck with a bratty princess, a beefy tough guy and a cross-dressing maid. This is the beginning of a bad party. I am not saying the plot is bad (like the hundred of cross dimension anime that happened before this) but the villains so far are pretty boys who basically got their balls (literally) handed over by a kid who is an ace in MMORPG. Overall, I will watch but after the series is completed.

Project K Ep 1: One word to say-BL! Yes, if you are a female viewer who is watching this show and if you feel high after that, it is confirmed you are a BL lover.

Aladdin is like a Boss!

Magi Ep 1: It is an interesting take on the One Thousand and One Arabian Nights stories with Aladdin as the main character who has a magic flute that contain a headless genie and Ali Baba who dreamt of getting rich one day. They decided to venture to the dungeons that scattered all over the world in search of wealth and power. They also have to fight corrupt lords and other magic users who are known as Magi. So it is basically One Piece on land and with over the top action and shounen comedy. Fun to watch but I will stick the manga for the time being.

Psycho Pass Ep 1: In the future, people's stress levels and mental state will determined if he will become a criminal and a group of enforcers who are former criminals are in charge to pass Judgement. A rookie cop, Akane is assigned with this group of criminals and one of them, Kogami is a ruthless, cold enforcer who will do anything to get the job done. So imagine Minority report and Judge Dread plus a bit of Ghost in the Shell got dropped into a blender and out come Psycho Pass. A dark look at the future that everyone is implanted with Psycho Pass and if you become crazy enough, you will be send for rehabilitation or worst, death on the spot. Good concept, I wonder anyone in Hollywood is taking notes of this show?

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Ep 1 and 2: Sorata was forced to stay in Sakura Inn due to his caring of stray cats which he kept them in his old dormitory. Sakura Inn has the weird group of tenants staying there and Sorata become their unofficial slave. He went to fetch his teacher's cousin, Mashiro who cannot take care of herself and Sorata has to look after her like a baby. However he discovered Mashiro is a genius artist from England and even won awards for her works. So an Inn that has weird tenants and a male lead who get pushed around but yet he is enchanted by this girl who is a secret artist. Now where did we see this scene before?

Zetsuen no Tempest Ep 1: Another BL-like show about two good friends who have to save the world from certain doom and one of them is cursed to do a witch's bidding.

Warning: This is just Rikka's delusions.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Ep 2: Rikka found a cat however her elder sister, Toka is allergic to cats. Toka want Yuta to keep the cat instead and even blackmail him by releasing a recording of him doing his Dark Flame Master impressions. Rikka was against it and even fought her with big swords and stuff (It is all in Rikka's mind) In the end, Yuta kept the cat after much persuasion. I was thinking that Rikka is really overdoing her imagination but it was pretty good and Toka is like her kryptonite who know how to deal with Rikka's delusions and I got a feeling Yuta will creep back to being a delusion person very soon...

So that's all the shows I watch so far. I watch Little Busters and Btoom in Japan last week and I was not impressed. Little Busters is more for fans of the game and seeing that it is done by the people who did Clannad make me know there will be some emotional moments. Btoom is hardcore and everyone in the show is a jerk. But I can see that it is the surroundings that is turning them like that as the only way to win is to kill other people. I am dropping Hayate Season 3 due to it's uninteresting plot. I didn't follow Steins Gate and Chaos Head so Robotics Note is a no go for me.

So what is your favourite shows so far? Feel free to drop comments and see you real soon!

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