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Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 20, Nakimo Ep 6 and 7, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 8, Mysterious Girlfriend X OVA

Accel World Ep 20: Haru and Taku couldn't believe that Chiyu is helping Nomi. Taku tried to attack Nomi but got defeated. Haru become emotional when suddenly he was surged with rage and is overwhelming Nomi.

Give in to your hate, Haru!

But the time is up and they returned to the real world. Haru and Taku tried to ask Chiyu her reasons but claimed she has joined Nomi out of her free will. The two boys discussed a method and Haru mentioned of the Incarnate system that Sky Laker taught him.

Haru has a nightmare of him becoming a rage avatar and killed Hime. He called Hime and they share a moment together. Later, Haru and Taku decided to pay a vist to Niko after school and asked if she knew anything of Incarnate system.

Even though he is angry, I find Haru amusing eating his curry rice while looking serious.

A rumor was spread claiming Haru placed the camera at the girls' changing room and everyone avoided him. He knew Nomi was behind it but remain strong...

Nomi's schemes is getting worse by framing Haru. Hopefully he will get a good smack down once Haru fight back as we all know, there is no room for cheaters. Although we are going to see Niko again in the next episode, I am thinking of Haru becoming a Berserker warrior which if you forget, it was a small fragment of the Chrome Disaster that was attached to him when he fought Chrome Disatser with Niko. Look like things are getting from worse to major bad!

Nakimo Ep 6: (We are getting a double episode this week!) Shougo met Sagara and she claimed her business isn't doing well and her father want her back in America. Shougo volunteered to make her business better and went about in getting help.

Sagara created a special cat tail accessory that will stand when the wearer's body temperature rises. Konoe, Rinka and Mana were dragged to help in the cafe while Shougo and Isuku's waiter roles brought in more female customers.

Sagara told Shougo their business is doing well and she tried to seduce him. However Isuku's timing saved him. Shougo then realise Sagara was spying on him from the opposite building and she created a similar phone from Konoe to create chances for him to contact her. Furthermore, Shougo has guessed she is not his sister as she is unable to telll the weather during his father's funeral.

Sagara admitted she used him to create an illusion of her being his sister. She claimed she met his sister when they were young however she refused to reveal her identify to him. Shougo does not want to probe further and asked Sagara to take care of his sister. She agreed and has a better impression on him...

Give me your saliva, Konoe!

You want my urine?!

Nakimo Ep 7: A unknown girl took Sagara's phone in the dumpster. The days went as normal with Konoe and Miyabi trying to win Shougo. He decided to use a DNA test to prove they are not his sisters which got them into some embarrassing moments.

This girl look familar...

A group of directors visited the school and wished to met Shougo. He introduced himself with Mana when a female voice spoke in the PA system claiming to be Shougo's sister. The directors were not happy about it and Rinka create a disciplinary board to maintain order in the school. Shougo discussed with Ikusa about the mysterious sister and he confirmed with Sagara that the phone was missing when she left it at the dumpster.

Shougo was later forced to work with Rinka and the secretary, Shinga in maintaining order in the school. Later that night, Rinka was relaxing in the bathtub and decided to teach Shougo on how to handle female students when she suddenly became embarrassed about it...

Shougo was quite reliable and he figure out that Sagara is using him. She knew who is his sister but decided to play hard to get. But now the news is out that Shougo has an illegitimate sister is making news and things is probably getting worse from now on. Now Rinka is the focus and is she Shougo's sister and who is that black hair girl in the meeting?

Revealing Cleavage-it distract the enemies!

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 8: Phil proved his skills to Risty's men and proceed to the human world. Meanwhile the ranking tournaments was about to start and everyone is looking at Miu's busty suit.

Brassier and revealing underwear-It overwhelm the enemies!

Hikami and the student council arrived and Akatsuki want to challenge Hikami. However he has to attend a conference which disappointed Akatsuki. Everybody wore their combat suits and again Miu's costume was outrageous.

Entering the girls bathing time like a boss!

I let you guess what happen...

The tournament begin and Akatsuki's group overwhelmed many of the teams. Later that night, they took a break and he suggested to have an open air bath. The girls rejected his idea claiming he will take advantage of them.

Haruka, Uesaki and Minami approached Akatsuki and Haruka want to challenge him alone. He took the challenge and Haruka tried to take him down but she couldn't laid a finger on him. Uesaki and Minami joined in and told her to calm down.

Kaido interrupted their battle and spotted Akatsuki has a cut on his face. They then realised someone has destroyed the barrier that prevent real physical pain when suddenly an explosion occurred near Miu's location...

It is no brainier that Phil has entered the tournament and he is going after Miu. Can Akatsuki make it in time? I think Haruka does not want to admit that she like him but her duties is making her emotional and he did strip her like more than three times...(Although I am not complaining about it, hehe!)

Mysterious Girlfriend X OVA: Youko told Tsubaki tonight is the shrine festival. She went off first as Ueno dropped by and want him to tag along as Oka is bringing Urabe for a double date.

They all met in the street and he was attracted Urabe in a Yukata. They went to the festival and after a while, Ueno and Oka went off on their own, leaving Tsubaki and Urabe. The crowds become larger and Urabe was taken away by a girl in a fox mask.

Tsubaki tried to find her and saw a fun house outside the festival. He discovered Urabe being tied high up. A young man told Tsubaki to choose the correct wire or else Urabe will fall to her death. She quickly droll the wire and Tsubaki found the right one by tasting it.

Suddenly they found themselves outside a shrine and Tsubaki was holding a string of the wire. Urabe cut it and tied it around his wrist. Urabe lost her shoes and he offered to piggyback her.

The young man and girl were sitting on the shrine and the girl shed some tears for the man to taste it. The fireworks has started and Tsubaki and Urabe shared the moment. Urabe told him that she will like to come back here again next year...

It has been two months since the TV series ended and Urabe is still as lovely as ever. If you haven't figure out, the wire is red in color and I guess that she and Tsubaki are tied by the red string. I believe the young couple are like deities and they had a similar habit like our couple. (Tasting eye tears which I think it is salty if you asked me) Not much fan service unless you count Youko stripping to give a bath for young Tsubaki and Urabe even admitted she is not wearing anything under her Yukata.(Yummy!)

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