Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 8: Cat Trouble at the Festival!

Becky is in charge of guarding Millhiore as she is the special guest for the music festival in town. While Shinku is training with Eclair, Becky and Millhiore got some time together in the bath house.

She asked Millhiore if she ever thought of married Shinku, however Millhiore replied it is kind of too early to ask and furthermore, she knew Becky like him too. Both of them were worried they might get hurt if Shinku choose one of them or any other girls.

Meanwhile, Ikusa and Valeria were monitoring the rabbits spirits in their habitat and Brioche and Adele told them the rabbits are finding one of their companion who is a Nekogami. They suspected the Nekogami could have entered a human town and hopefully not causing any trouble.

Please teach me, Noir Sensei!

Truth enough, the Nekogami has entered the town and started causing mischief and stealing jewels. She saw Millhiore's jewels on the television and decided to steal her too.

After getting some encourage words from Shinku, Millhiore prepared herself for the concert. The Nekogami knocked out some guards and stole an uniform to enter the dressing room. She started to control Millhiore and Becky's movement and proceed to steal the jewels.

The Nekogami saw the girls' magic rings and forced them to remove it. Becky managed to summon her weapon and blast the Nekogami away. The Nekogami fled and everyone was on alert. She stole Rico's magic gun and was confronted by Shinku and Eclair.

Shinku and Eclair...KISS!!!!!

I will protect you, Eclair!

However the Nekogami controlled their movements and cause both of them to kiss each other. They broke free but the Nekogami fire a shot with Rico's gun. Shinku used the Hero Jewel and transformed to his adult form. The Nekogami was unable to control Shinku's movement now and flee further away.

The two of them gave chase and finally caught the Nekogami. The Nekogami was about to be escort back to the mountains when Shinku gave her a bracelet which he got as a souvenir in the festival. The Nekogami took it (and bite him in the process) and thank Shinku.

Why are you blushing, Eclair?

Shinku gave Eclair, Rico and Yukikaze a ride back to the concert and along the way, Eclair was blushing by the kiss from Shinku earlier. They arrived at the concert and Millhiore began her performance.

The next day, everyone was preparing themselves as they are about to face each other in the battlefield. Ikusa also saw the Nekogami resting with the rabbit spirits and she was wearing the bracelet that Shinku gave...

The Nekogami did cause a lot of trouble for everyone but I think the most damaging was Shinku and Eclair kissing each other. If it was intention, I think both of them can't wait to jump on each pants. (Raging Hormones and Dog in heat) Becky and Millhiore's pep talk in the bath house also raised the question of who Shinku will choose in the future and if he choose Millhiore, will Becky and the rest of the girls able to accept it?

But seeing this show is not dark and the people are not too scheming, I doubt any serious consequence will happened. The most, Shinku will just ran away from every girl and we have to wait for another season to see what happened. Oh yes, Adult Shinku is back and the more he talk, he sounds more like Takuto from Star Driver rather than Setsuna of Gundam 00.

Next episode, it is back to the battlefield and the three Kingdoms will once again trade arms with each other.

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  1. I have always liked Shinku x Eclair = ShinClair from Season 1 Episode 2. So them kissing was joy to see a bonus.