Sunday, July 1, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 21: The Search for Pegasus Part 1

Deja Vu?

Miyuki was looking outside her window when Pop arrived and Candy cried in joy for his arrival.

Meanwhile, Joker looked at the countdown clock and proclaim that Pierrot will be revived in two more turns. The girls welcome Pop to their tree house and he congrats for collecting the cure decors and they just need one more decor to revive Royale Queen and Marchenland.

Miyuki gave an encouragement speech and they went ahead to put their wish tags for the Tanbata festival. Nao and Reika explained the back story of Tanbata and in return, Pop told them a similar festival celebrated in Marchenland-Pegasus Day.

I always wanted a Pegasus!

My wish-Read more books!

My wish-My own Okonomayaki store!

My wish-A famous artist!

My wish-Taking my family on a holiday.

My wish-To follow my own path!

The natives of Marchenland laid out candles and wished on a shooting star night, hoping that the Pegasus will grant their wishes. The girls began to hang their tags on the Tanbata tree and Miyuki decided to use the star decor as part of the decorations.

After everyone hang up their tags, they went to the park hoping to see the shooting stars at night. Aka Oni met Joker and they began to plan for their next schemes.
Hot Mums at the back!

The girls went to a top spot and wait for the shooting stars. While waiting, Miyuki told Candy that she is glad that she met her and making her life interesting and happy. She then asked Candy what did she wrote on her tag however Candy kept mom about it.

Suddenly Aka Oni appeared and suck Bad End energy on the people. The girls transformed and Aka Oni turned a Tanbata tree into an Akanbe.

The girls began to fight the Akanbe but were overwhelmed by the Akanbe's chains and a giant paper fan kept them trapped on the ground. Aka Oni laughed at them for making wishes that will never come true.

It's Pink Kamehameha vs Black Energy Blast!

Cure Happy rebutted as people work hard for their wishes and the girls will protect their wishes and smiles. They fought back and finally everyone used their special attacks on the Akanbe.

The Akanbe turned into the last decor and Aka Oni retreated. When they were about to place the last decor, Joker snatched the Decor decor and abducted Candy.

The girls and Pop could only watch as Joker took Candy away. A gust of wind blew Candy's tag showing that Candy's wish is to be with the girls forever...

Finally our first major arc and the stakes are high! Candy is abducted and the Decor decor is taken by Joker. However, the girls have one decor which they left hanging at the Tanbata tree. The Pegasus Day could be an important plot point and I am suspecting it has something to do with their new power up form which they keep showing at the end of the episode.

I originally want to name this episode "When you wish upon a star" however after the mentioning of Pegasus Day and how their new items has a Pegasus shape on it, that's why this episode is called "The Search for Pegasus."
Joker: "Why so Serious?"

Anyway, next week, the girls face their most dangerous enemy yet-Joker and it seems that Joker used psychological attacks on them, making them questioning what are they really fighting for...Can't wait for next week!

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