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Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 12, Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 12 Final, Saki Side A Ep 12 Final, Hyouka Ep 11

Accel World Ep 12: Chrome Disaster stabbed Yellow Radio from behind which shocked everyone. Yellow Radio managed to escape with his men leaving Haru, Hime and Niko behind.

Hime began fighting Chrome Disaster however Haru was petrified by it's madness. Hime talk some sense to him telling him to lose in honor rather than doing nothing. He began to fight back when suddenly Niko fired a shot at Hime claiming that this is her chance to rid both her and Chrome Disaster.

Chrome Disaster began to flee and Haru gave chase. He spotted it using thin wires to swing across the buildings. Haru flew faster and let the wire attached to his body. Using the momentum, he screw kick Chrome Disaster to the ground and defeated it.

Niko mercy killed Chrome Disaster (Cherry Rook) and they saw Taku with Hime approaching them. The whole city turned into a forest and Hime ordered to check if the Chrome Disaster Armor is in their item slot.

Before they logged out, Haru heard a voice and he didn't realise that a small piece of the Chrome Disaster is in his armor. Later, Niko explained to Haru that Cherry Rook is her Master however she surpassed him which make Cherry Rook searching for more Power. Cherry Rook is also moving away and they are unable to see each other again. Haru told her that even they can't meet in the Brain Burst game, they can meet in other games. Niko smile and gave some cookies for Haru which he cried in joy over it...

We finally end the Chrome Disaster Arc and it is quite decent. I was expecting more of a fight between Haru and Chromo however it was all over by kicking him to the ground and weaken for Niko to mercy kill him. For a moment, I thought Niko will betray them as she shot Hime however with Haru managed to talk her out, she change her way and the last scene with Haru eating cookies was sweet. But a piece of Chromo Disaster is attached to Haru and it will be interesting whether he will succumb or overcome the armor...

Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 12 Final: Tsubaki saw her sister Youko drooling while sleeping. He asked her if she has a boyfriend but she say no. The next day, Urabe saw Youko and she invited Urabe for tea. Youko told her that she used to study in the same school and had a crush with a boy. However she lost contact with him after graduation.

After paying respects to their mother the following day, Tsubaki told Urabe about his late mother and she want to pay her respects to her too the next Sunday. He was surprised by Urabe who dressed up nicely for the occasions.

Urabe asked him if he knew her mother however he has little memory of her. Urabe and Tsubaki exchanged saliva while touching the grave and they both had tears. Urabe claimed his mother is a gentle woman and hope she can be just like her and love Tsubaki forever. They then walked together as the first flower of spring bloom...

When I first watch this show, I was thinking "Saliva that can transmit feelings?" But after watching a few more episodes, I find myself enjoying this show more especially Urabe's mixed bag of emotions. One moment she can be deadly with her scissors and the next, she become the nicest girl that set her apart from many female leads. I guess that the less you know about Urabe, the better you will enjoy every moment from her. Do I hope they continue this show? I do! Hopefully we get to see Tsubaki moving to second or third pace and score Urabe in the future. Until then, I will go and read the manga and enjoy of more of Urabe's moments.

Saki Side A Ep 12 Final: Toki used her skills to see three turns ahead but it is ruining her health. She finally saw what are the tiles ahead and at the last moment, help Kuro to win one round which is also the last round.

Toki fainted after that and her friends send her to the hospital. The Achiga girls saw Nodoka walking down the hall and greeted her. Shizu promised Nodoka that they will meet in the finals and the second match is on the way with Yuu approaching the table. Saki who was still outside the tournament building wondered if the match ended as the next match is on the way...

So we finally come to the end of Saki Side A or is it? When I first heard they are doing Saki Side A, I was thinking is it a bad move which I still think it is a bad move. One, the characters are pretty boring and undeveloped. Shizu and company knew Nodoka years ago but other than that I don't see them performing well like Saki's team.

Saki was a good show because they were able to develop everyone well and it was stretched for 24 episodes. The end credits of the last episode even show previews of them going to the Nationals facing Teru but now we are watching a boring team with a even boring story plot. The last three episodes is focusing on Toki and Ryuuka's relationship which I know people are going to say they are a yuri couple.

Although we are getting an OVA series to conclude the match but I got a feeling I know the ending already. Saki Side A is not a bad show but it is not a good show either. It fall between somewhere in the middle. You can treat this show as a companion series to Saki otherwise, go and read the manga if you want to follow Saki's team instead.

Hyouka Ep 11: After Ibara, Satoshi and Eru gave their own opinions about the film and the loop holes, Houtarou thought of the reasons and finally came up with an answer.

He met Irisu again and figure out why Maya was unable to complete the script. It was all an elaborate plot to make Houtarou to complete the script instead Maya. Furthermore, he discovered that Maya does not wish to have any characters killed in the film which is why she stop writing it.

Irisu taunted him for being naive and he left, cursing himself for falling into her trap. Later Irisu spoke to an unknown person online and knew that Houtarou will fall for the trap. However Irisu bear no grudges and thank the person for completing the film.

A few days later, Eru asked Houtarou what was Maya really writing for the film. He explained that one of the characters will use a rope to grapple down into a room and hurt the victim however the victim did not disclose her identify and forgive her instead. Eru also claimed that her thinking is similar to Maya as she does not like to see characters being killed off in fiction...

So "The Incomplete Murder" arc ended with a twist which is nothing more than someone unwillingness to see death and a trap to make Houtarou to complete the film. If you haven't figure out who was the person Irisu talking to, here's a hint. (Who is currently overseas now in this show?) Although I expect Houtarou to overlook and his friends actually did point some loop holes that he miss.

Even though he failed this time around but I believe he will learn from his mistakes and take the advices from his friends. Anyway, this arc is over and in the next episode, the school festival begin and what mystery can we expect in the next episode for our friends?

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