Monday, June 25, 2012

Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 11, Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 11, Saki Side A Ep 11, Hyouka Ep 10

Accel World Ep 11: Niko accused Yellow Radio for plotting everything-Letting her child, Cherry Rook becoming a Chrome Disaster and luring Hime and the others into a trap.

Yellow Radio mocked at them and after some explaination of how the kings should fight, he show a video clip of Hime killing the previous Red King-Red Rider which caused her to lose

Haru tried to carry Hime out of the battlefield but were attacked by the Yellow Region. Taku
sacrificed himself to stop one of them and was log out. Niko transformed to Unmovable Fortress and tried to take down as many men as she could.

However a jamming signal interfere her firing which Haru tried to knock it down. He was caught by an electric wire by one of the Yellow Region and tried to wake Hime up. She finally woke up and defeated a large of Yellow Region.

She went straight to attack Yellow Radio while Haru destroyed the signal. Before both kings could use their finishing move, Chrome Disaster stabbed Yellow Radio from behind...

It's non-stop action all the way although Haru had to snap Hime back by shouting to her (I was expecting a kiss) but with Chrome Disaster appeared, they had a bigger threat to deal it! Can Haru and Hime will be able to take it down!?

Urabe's expression is priceless!

Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 11: Oka teased Urabe about Tsubaki saw her naked and even show a nude picture of her which Urabe immediately destroyed it with her scissors.

Later Tsubaki tried to hug her without her permission and she attacked him again with her scissors. But the scissors scratch Tsubaki's forehead which frighten Urabe. She took him to her house to clean the wound.

While cleaning, Tsubaki has delusions of her naked and tried to leave. He accidently pushed her to the bed and he lose balance. He immediately change his direction and hit the bed corner.

Tsubaki left in a hurry and Urabe blamed herself for sending the wrong signals. The next day, Tsubaki saw Ueno had a bandage on his forehead claiming Oka is using him as target practice for her scissors practing.

When one of his female classmates claimed Tsubaki's bandage is off, she removed it and give him a new plaster. Tsubaki demanded to have the old bandage back which she complied.

After school, Tsubaki told Urabe that he prefer her bandage which she then give her saliva to him. After tasting it, he had a urge to hug her which she finally allowed him to do so. He was worried that Urabe will attack him again but she didn't this time and claimed she wanted him to hug her for real. She left after that and it puzzled Tsubaki more of her thinkings...

A pretty boring episode with Tsubaki trying to control his hormones after seeing her naked last episode which Urabe even admitted to herself that she was horny. Unfortuanely Tsubaki is still struck with first base with her and the next episode is the finale! However Urabe suddenly asked for a break up with him!?

Saki Side A Ep 11: Toki managed to see two turns ahead but it's taking a strain in her body. She managed to stop Teru from wining once. However the second time, it didn't work and Teru is winning again.

Hanada recalled being used as a sacrificial pawn for the first game in order for the ace player to score as much as she could. However she doesn't mind and continue to play.

Saki and the others has just arrived at the tournament but Saki decided to wait outside instead. Finally it is Teru's turn to be dealer and she is winning every round. Toki tried again her skills but the strain is getting worse.

Panty Shots!

She recalled Ryuuka telling her that the lights in the city represents people back home who are supporting them and she was amazed by the lights while on the plane. Toki decided to give her all and tried to see three turns ahead with Ryuuka calling out to her...

Will Toki survive the game? Is Teru going to destroy all of them? Will Hanada stop talking like a dead fish? Will Kuro win at least one round? Why Saki is standing outside the building anyway? See you next week for the conclusion of the match!

Hyouka Ep 10: Irisu invited Houtarou for a tea and asked of his opinions from the three seniors. He rejected all three seniors' deductions whuch did not surprise Irisu at all.

She knew the only one who can solve the murder will be Houtarou and even pull a story claiming that he is a man with talents and should not claim that luck has got to do about it.

Houtarou finally agreed to solve the murder and returned to school the next day. After Satoshi and Ibara went to attend to their duties, Houtarou took a while to solve the mystery and invited Irisu to the club room.

Houtarou explained that Misaki told him that Maya was looking for a seventh person as an actor and furthermore the cast were looking at the camera the way they looked at a person. It was a perfect illusion and no one will suspect it at all.

There is more deductions in it. Watch the episode to find out more!

He further explained the only way for the murderer to commit the deed is for him to collect the master key from the reception and proceed to the staff room. The murderer stop the recording halfway and proceed to murder the victim which no one will be able to suspect it unless they watch it a second time.

Irisu was amazed by his deductions that she suggested he think a title for the movie. He suggested "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" as the movie title which she agreed to it.

A few days later, they went for a preview screening and everyone enjoyed expect the props guy, Haba. Eru wanted to tell Houtarou something but left for doing so. Ibara pulled him to a corner and claimed that the rope which Haba showed them is not in the movie...

Just when you thought the arc is over, another doubt pop out! Like I said before, Houtarou is like Sherlock Holmes but he is only good if Watson is by his side which in this case are his friends giving hints. Ibara's observations about the rope has make him realise he is missing an important clue and no, it is not an error by Maya's script. The question now remains-what was the purpose of the rope and is it true that a seventh person is required to play the murderer at all? Find out in the final conclusion to this exciting arc next week!

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