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Fate Zero S2 FINAL: Sucessor to a Dream

Saber destroyed the Holy Grail after Emiya ordered her by using the command seals. However it didn't work and Saber was killed by the explosion.

The Holy Grail turned into a big black black in the sky and started destroying everything in sight. IIya woke up in her room and heard Iris's voice telling her that Emiya will make things right. Emiya searched at the wreckage trying to save any survivors but there were none.

Kariya saw himself saving Sakura and reuniting with Rin however it was a delusion and he fell to the pit of bugs and died. Sakura watched him as she commented that Kariya should not have disobey his grandfather.

Kirei woke up and found a naked Archer beside him. Archer claimed the black ball spit him which save his life. Kirei claimed he was shot but since he is connected with Archer, he was reborn again however he has no heartbeat at all. He wondered why the Holy Grail did this. Archer claimed that since they were the winners of the game, the Grail make Kirei's desires come true which is total destruction.

Kirei laughed like a mad man and saw a dazed Emiya searching for survivors. Kirei decided not to kill him and left with Archer. Finally Emiya found a boy (Shiro) who is alive and was touched in tears. 

The next day, Waver told the old couple that Alexi (Rider) has left to England and will like to stay with them for a while. He returned to his room and found the t-shirt that Rider wore it and decide to play the game that he bought it.

After Tokiomi's funeral, Kirei congratulate Rin for being the new head of the Tosaka family. She found him hypothetically and brought her mother who is senile to see Tokiomi's grave. Kirei gave Rin the Azoth Dagger which she cried in tears that it belonged to her father.

In another lifetime, Saber relived her life as a king but tragedy as all her men were killed in the battlefield. She regretted what she did to Lancelot (Berserker) as she remembered what he said before he died. He said that if Saber had punish him for having an affair with Guinevere, he might not have wander in the darkness and became a monster. However he will always respect Saber as his king and is the greatest of all kings.

The girl behind is a young Fuji-Nee.

Five years later, Shiro was adopted by Emiya and started staying together. Emiya tried to visit IIya several times but he failed to get the Holy Grail, the magic barrier to the castle was not lifted. One night, Emiya told Shiro that he want to be a hero when he was young but realised that this dream is impossible as he grew older.

Shiro then boasted that he will realise Emiya's dream and become a hero for him. They both smile as Saber saw a ray of light from the sky. Emiya recalled what Shirley asked him years ago of what kind of adult he want to be. He replied to be a hero...

Finally after six months, we come to the end of the best shows for 2011/12 season. Fate Zero brought in many answers that was left unsolved in Fate Stay Night. Although this is a prequel, it is a very good one!

When I first heard that they are making Fate Zero last year, I was thinking "Didn't we know what is the outcome of the battle?" Kirei and Archer won the battle and Emiya adopted Shiro. But what happened before that was yet a mystery. The first three episode was pretty standard as they have to introduce all the characters but the four episode was good when Saber fought with Lancer and Berserker and Rider joined in. After that, I waited every week to see how our characters got through.

Emiya is a tragic character during his youth. His father turned his first crush into a zombie and destroyed a village. He shot down a plane full of zombies with Natalia on board and now the woman he love died and he is forbidden to see IIya. All he wanted is to help people but realised he can not save everyone as there will be casualties and the world is full of grey lines.

Saber was pretty boring as she has little interaction with Emiya but more with Iris. She also regretted of what she has become in her last life. Neglecting everyone's concerns and going to battles that left bodies in the battlefield. The worst is finding out that Lancelot hate her for everything she believe and not doing anything with his affairs with Guinevere. No wonder she mentioned that she wished to relive her life and make amends in FSN.

The other masters and servants are either a hit or miss. Archer was egoistic with Tokiomi being a narcsissant and was betrayed by Kirei who harboured dark desires. Rider was awesome (He is my favourite character) with his proud honor and tough guy attitude. Berseker and Assassin are pretty boring with no personalities. Caster and Ryunosuke were crazy which make them a perfect match and they are the most sick people in the prequel. Lancer was a tragedy for having a master who has a fiance infatuated with him that led to his downfall and his death kinda of sucks.

Overall, the war will go on in Fate Stay Night but a closure for everyone in the Fourth Holy Grail war. Whether we will see Heaven's Feel or Fate Hollow Ataraxia is another question but until then, Fate Zero deserves to be one of my favourite top ten shows for 2011!  

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