Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 16: The Path I choose

Miyuki, Akane, Yayoi and Nao were upset that they failed in their tests. Reika tried to cheer them up which the girls asked her on how to study better.

Yes, I am aware that Reika's mother is Sailor Jupiter!

The next day, Reika go through her morning routine-Jogging with her elder brother, cooking breakfast with her mother and getting her homework done. She has doubts on how to answer her friends' questions and seek her grandfather for advice.

Her grandfather told her to quit all her clubs and tried another approach. She agreed with the idea and announce to her club members including Miyuki and gang that she is quitting the clubs. Everyone were shocked about it however Nao stood for her, telling everyone to give Reika some space.

Miyuki-Master of Rubber faces expression!

The following day, Reika's family told her to not follow their routine instead do something that she want to do. She tried to follow Miyuki and gang on what they do after school. Miyuki spend her time reading fairy tales in the library. She spent time with Akane and Yayoi on their volleyball practice and drawing. Finally spending time with Nao's family in babysitting her siblings.

Meanwhile Joker gave a stack of data for Aka Oni to study about the Precures. Aka Oni hate studying and decided to defeat the Precures himself. Later Miyuki and gang wondered if they can fight without Reika when suddenly Aka Oni appeared and suck out Bad End energy from some kids.

Are you short of one Cure?

They confronted Aka Oni and transformed. Aka Oni used a red ball to turn a textbook into an Akanbe. The Akanbe then began asking questions on the Precures. Cure Sunny was first and failed a English question. Next was Cure Peace who can't answer a maths question. Cure March was unable to answer a history question and Cure Happy an idiom question.

Only 3 more to go!

They got trapped by the Akanbe when Reika arrived. She transformed and was to answer all the questions by the Akanbe, weakling him every time. Finally the last question was presented to Cure Beauty which she replied correctly. It weaken the Akanbe and Cure Beauty finished it with Beauty Bllizard and a new decor appeared.

Aka Oni retreated and everything went back to normal. Reika finally gave advices to the rest on how to improve their studies which they took it well in the end...

Sorry for the delay. I was sick the last few days and now I have the time to do this review. If you read Kokoda Koji's review earlier, it is more or less the same story. I felt Reika is trying too hard on everything. Her grandfather's advice of quiting everything was not bad an idea. Sometime you do the same thing everyday, you might find life a bit monotonous.

With Reika seeing the rest on what they do everyday, make her realise that school isn't just home works and test. It is also about seeing yourself and shaping up what kind of person you want to be when you grow up. I guess the message here is enjoy your school life, studying is okay but having fun with your friends and building characters is also important too.

The next episode, the girls goes to a live stand up comedy show which Akane is a fan of the comedy duo, Fujiwara and Wolfrun is up to his evil schemes again.

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  1. @kragito about the next episode it the first time they will use 2 akanbes instead of one and not only wofrun but also aka oni will be there so do you think it a little crietive?