Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Ep 5-Can I call you Onnichan?

Yuuta came back from work and saw Sora in a bath towel cleaning Hina. The next day, he was late for work and forgot to bring his cell phone.

His cell phone kept ringing and Hina turn on the speaker. Sora refused to answer the phone which left Miu to answer it. It was Sako and he want to inform Yuuta of a better job offering. Miu explained to Sako that she is his niece and is staying with him. Sako offered to bring her out and she hope he will.

Sako can really guess how Miu looked like over the phone!

He also love to get beaten by Raika (Must be a "M")

Sako recorded what Miu spoke earlier and keep listening it on his cell phone. He immediately draw a sketch of how Miu looked like and got excited. Unfortunately, Raika beat him senselessly again and deleted the recording.

Sora want to town to find Yuuta and finally found him working in a family restaurant. After realising Yuuta never comment about her dress, she complained to Miu but kept it short as her phone battery is low. She then went to buy some curtains for their home.

This is not the way to greet your neighbour!

Meanwhile, Yuuta's neighbour, Atarashi Kurumi offered a watermelon and met Miu and Hina in the house. She introduced herself and told them she is a voice actress. Hina's favourite show-Lunaluna 7 was on and Kurumi said she also voiced a character in the show. Hina want to play with her which she embarrass spoke a line and left. Miu then found out she was voicing the villain in the show.

Sora accidentally took the wrong bus and got lost. She slowly walked back and it was starting to rain. Yuuta called her but the line was cut off due to low battery. He saw Nimura on a date and he explained his situation to him.

Nimura offered to help and they split up to search Sora. Sora fell down and bruised her hand. She then recalled the first time she met Yuuta. They met in a restaurant when Yuuta's sister introduced her family to him. Yuuta was angry and excused himself to the gents. Sora and Miu went to the ladies and saw Yuuta in the lobby.

Miu ran off first and Sora fell down. Yuuta help her up and clean her bruises on her hand. Sora called him Uncle but he dislike it. She asked if she can called him "Onnichan?" He agreed and they make up.

Yuuta finally found her and they wait in a shelter. Yuuta remembered how they first met in the hotel and even commented on her dress she was wearing. The rain finally stop and Sora asked if she can called him "Onnichan" again? He was fine with it and they returned home.

Later at home, they finally put up the curtains in their home however Yuuta saw Sora in a bath towel again and he quickly left for his new job.

It's kind of creepy to see grown men behaving like this!

His new job was making Strawberry Daifuku in a factory. However the workers are all muscular men and the boss warned him not to tell anyone about it...

This is a Sora-centred episode with her relationship with Yuuta. First, Yuuta objected the idea of his sister married a widower with two kids. However, he did not show aggression to Sora and even help her. Of course as time goes by, Yuuta didn't treat her seriously but Sora did. She finally asked if she can call him "Onnichan" (Elder brother) which soft of close any doubts between them.

We are also introduced to Yuuta's neighbour-Atarashi Kurumi who is a struggling voice actress. I read from a report that it is tough compeition to be a Seiyuu in Japan Anime industry. There are many aspiring seiyuu who probably got one or even two lines as a sub character and many work part time and juggle between as a seiyuu. Those who make it can live the life of a superstar but many don't have that chance. Kurumi was one of those examples and furthermore, not many people will appreciate being a villain in a kid's tv show unless you are playing a more mature series like the one we are reviewing now.

Once again, Sako and Raika's antics never fail to make me laugh. Sako could even draw out a sketch of Miu even though he only heard her voice on the phone. He is really psychic when it come to Loli girls. Of course, Yuuta's new job in the Strawberry Daifuku factory was hilarious especially when the boss warned him not to reveal their secret claiming that the Daifuku is make by cute animals and revealing it will ruin children's dreams. The things people do sometimes....

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