Monday, February 6, 2012

DIGI NEWS: PSP Super Robots Wars Z2 Saisen Hen Promo Video

The Promo Video is for the upcoming SRW Z2 Saisen Hen is out!

From the video, Shin Mazinger got the God Scrander, Black Getta appeared which mean we are going to move the story to the future after the events of the world turn into a wasteland because of the Getta Rays, Simon has grown out, Gundam 00 begin their second season, Macross Seven which I guess Ozama is a Big Fan and hopefully we don't get a tragic end like the 2nd Macross Frontier Movie. The introduction of Tetsujin 28 which remind me of Giant Robo and the fanservice of Kallen in a bunny suit and Mrs Yoko?!

Coming this 5th April 2012! 

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