Friday, January 6, 2012

First Impressions- Amagami SS Plus Ep 1, New Prince of Tennis Ep 1, Kill Me Baby Ep 1, Recorder to Randoseru Ep 1 and Gundam Seed Remaster HD Ep 1 and 2

Finally the Winter shows are up and running this week! Let's see how this first wave of show fared!

Don't worry, Junichi. She will rub your back for real in five years down the road. (This is just a dream)

Amagami SS Plus Ep 1: It's been a month after Junichi confessed his love for Tsukasa and they are officially a couple. However a mysterious girl named Kurosawa nominate Junichi to be the vice president for the upcoming student council election, things really get messy.
Tsukasa is cute when she is angry.

Who are you and my "Tsukasa Senses" is tingling!

So instead of doing Haruka's arc like the first season, we are starting with Tsukasa which I am happy about it. The original voice cast are back so nothing particular and furthermore, each heroine has two episodes each which means a faster pacing. Come to think of it, it reminds me of those gal games that have a fan disc which shows the epilogue of each heroine. Overall, I am happy with this epilogue and I want to see Junichi getting laid by at least one of the girls! (It will be amusing to see how he get down with his first time!)

I thought you have perfect 20/20 vision?

Seriously, your family name is Tokuagwa?

New Prince of Tennis Ep 1: The entire male cast of the first season were enrolled into the U-17 tennis camp with Ryoma coming in late. After showing their skills to the current U-17, they met three of the elites with Ryoma making an enemy with the mysterious Tokugawa Kazuya.

Prince of Tennis or POT for short was an interesting show similar to most sports anime like Captain Tsubasa and Slam Dunk. However it's male cast was the driving factor and I know that a lot of female POT fans are having an orgasm seeing all their favourite male characters in this one episode. I am not a hardcore fan of the show but one thing that caught me was the opening song "Mirai no Bokura e" sung by Fujisawa Norimasa who is not really a J-Pop singer but more of a crooner like Josh Groban. It warmed my heart hearing the opening and I am sure to get the single when it's out.

This is what you should do when you got caught by the collars!

Your Kunai Hypnotism is not working!

Kill Me Baby Ep 1: Sonya is a high school student with a dual identify as an Assassin. However her reflexes and actions make her classmate, Yasuna determined to know her more. I am not particular with this show as everyone is drawn to Loli-size which is a turn off for me. The jokes are all right but I rather have Full Metal Panic Fumoffu anytime.

Want to see something?

TA-DA!!! (No wonder he got arrested!)

Recorder to Randoseru Ep 1: I did mention in my winter preview that this pair of siblings are going to be misunderstood and I was right! Atsushi was mistaken by his elder sister's classmate as a handsome brother while he tried to show his classmate a scarf and got arrested for being a pedophile! I laugh my head over it but this show has one problem.

It is only 3 minutes long! Couldn't they make it like a regular 22 minutes episode? I want to know more about this pair of siblings. But a show which can make me laugh before the opening credits is a win for me! (Okiayu Ryotaru who play Atsushi can really behave like a small kid and I just watch New Prince of Tennis when as Tezuka, he is cool and mature. Kugimiya Rie played his sister, Atsumi which is nothing mentioned although I wonder how did Hirano Aya got the role as her classmate and I am not a fan of her either.)


Gundam Seed Remaster HD Ep 1 and 2: Basically it is the same show and unless you have a HD television, you will be able to see in it's full HD glory. Although some parts did change like the opening and the background has better CG graphics.

Words of advice: Go and get the entire series on DVD or spoilt yourself by Wikipedia. It's not worth your time watching this show.

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