Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 14-Ten Months later...

It has been ten months since Tiger and Bunny defeated Jake and they have become the most popular heroes in the city. They were invited to a talk show and their heroic exploits were told. Although Kriem was arrested, she refused to confess about Oroboros. Lunatic has also went underground after Tiger and Bunny stop him months ago.

Blue Rose received a call from Agnes telling her to work with the duo for her latest single. She was assigned to teach them dancing. The duo went to Blue Rose's studio and began practise for the concert. During the practice, Tiger accidentally ruined her towel. Later, she pondered to her classmates if she is in love with Tiger but decided not to think too much.

Tiger gave Blue Rose a new towel which she accepted it. Both of them had extra training later that night which Tiger claimed Blue Rose's boyfriend will be jealous however she rebutted that she is not attached.

During the night of the concert, Agnes introduced them the new heroes who will be joining them next season. The new heroes claimed that they are chasing a thief who sneak backstage. The thief has invisibility powers and is wearing Blue Rose's costume. He sneak into her dressing room and stole her bag.

After the concert, the heroes discovered the theft which upset Blue Rose as the towel that Tiger gave is in it. Tiger threw a banana skin on the floor but it hit onto the thief which revealed his hiding place. Tiger gave chase to the thief and realised it was the guy who stand in for Bunny during Blue Rose's concert last year.

Tiger couldn't control his power all of a sudden and wondered what has happened to him. The thief threw the bag away which Blue Rose caught it. Tiger tried to catch him but used up all his power. Luckily Rock Bison was at the end of the tunnel and caught the thief.

Later, Bunny mistaken Tiger for letting Bison caught the thief. Blue Rose thank him and claimed that she will treasure his towel. Tiger wondered later why his power went influx...

So it has been ten months and the duo are the best super hero team ever. Through this episode is about Blue Rose's feelings for Tiger but it also revealed the Team B of heroes and I believed there could be rivalries for our heroes. Furthermore, they haven't found out Lunatic is Yuri and Kriem is still around which is a good chance for Ouroboros to return. Also, Tiger's strange flux of power could be a good thing or bad thing in the future episodes. If they even make Tiger and Blue Rose a couple (which is unlikely), I wonder how his daughter will react?

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