Monday, July 4, 2011

First Impressions-Kaito Tenshi Twin Angels, Ikoku Meiro no Crossie and Sacred Seven

Kaito Tenshi Twin Angels: What happen when you put Tamura Yukari and Noto Mamiko as Mahou Shoujou? You get a 90s style anime! Seriously, the characters and the villains are something out of a 90s mahou shoujou series. You want Divine Buster? You get Angel Tornado! You want a cool guy like Tuxedo Kamen? Meet his cousin in bleach color-Misty Knight! I felt it all right through the girls turn into cat-people by the villains who don't look villainous enough. I try to give another shot once the official airing start.

Ikoku Meiro no Crossie: If you like slice of life shows like Aria and want something more subtle, meet Yune, a Yamato Nadesiko who began her life as a Poster Girl or Kanban Musume in a French Blacksmith shop. I felt a sense of calmness seeing Yune looking at the gallery where the shops are. She has problems with the grandson of her master, Claude but in the end, they respect each other and it feel good. I have been waiting for a show like this since Aria ended it's run so if you want to get away from all the violence and moe stuff, give this a show a look.

Sacred Seven: Arma Tandoji is an outcast in school and his life is a mess. But when Ruri of a powerful finance organisation meet him, his life become a bigger mess! Anyway, it's your typical shonen action show where the female lead give the male lead super power and there you go! A super hero with a long scarf (Though I wish he has a mouth piece to cover it, it will probably look cooler on him) Not bad for a first episode however why they had a mecha in this show?! (Is it Sunrise's policy to have a mecha in every show they make?)

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