Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Impressions-Ro-Kyu-Bu, Blood C and Blade

Opps! Wrong Club!
Ro-Kyu-Bu: Hasegawa Subaru was asked by his aunt to coach her basketball team which are made up of five cute, elementary girls. He found a talent on Tomoka who can do the jump shot like an angel (See opening) The other four girls are quite all right who are your regular cliches in a sport anime-The active one, the intellect one, the big person but a heart of a chicken and the totally clueless.
"I love my mother by Hasegawa Subaru"

Especially if your mother is Noto Mamiko!

What is more surprising is Subaru's aunt looks like a little brat while his mother is a lovely lady! This boy has some real issues with his family and school life. Overall, the comedy is mild compare to Softenni but the moe factor is already on overdrive!
No, you are not seeing double!

Are you sure this thing is a vampire?

Blood C: The day of a kick-ass vampire slayer-Prayers in the morning and fell on her face while greeting dad. Singing a tune while walking to school. Has twin female friends and two cool guys as classmates. Excellent in sports. Reject date from class chairman. Slaying a demon statue which bleed blood and had a nice bath after job done. Conclusion-Hell is better than Twilight!
Samurai Sword-Best weapon against evil!

Blade: Why super villains and creatures of the night like Japan so much? Iron man has a crazed robot army, Wolverine has superhuman yakuza, X-Men battle mutant cult and now Deacon Frost want to establish a vampire organisation in Japan. America ran out of place for villians that they are forced to go to overseas?! The whole episode is like that the first ten minutes of the first movie. Man attacked by vampires, Blade kill them. Crash into party with hundred of vampires around and kill a werewolf using Himura Kenshin's skill! Doesn't feel remorse after killing a father (who got turn into a vampire) in front of his daughter. That is what I call awesome!! Conclusion-Thousands time better than Twilight!!

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