Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First Impressions-Dog Days, X-Men, Tiger and Bunny and Sengoku Otome

After catching a flu for the last few days, I managed to watch some of the new shows for this season. I won't  watching all of the shows and furthermore, my movie maker still have a serious problem unless someone can direct me to get the latest movie maker for free, Gokaiger will be out of the question. Anyway, let's get started with my reviews on some of the shows that I watch.

Dog Days: I thought it will be a clone of Zero no Tsukaima but what I get is a cross between an anime version of Cats and Dogs and Takashi's Castle. There is a war between anthropomorphic cats and dogs    characters and the dogs are losing thanks to a Lion Knight (Same cat family, I wonder they will bring a wolf into it?) The princess of the Dog kingdom, Millhiore summoned Izumi Shinku, a guy who is good in gymnastics.

Most guys will just want to go back to their own time but Shinku took the challenge to help Millhiore after seeing the war which is a parody of Takashi's Castle. People who got hit turn into cute cat and dog heads and there is a live commentary. For a moment, I thought I was watching a sports show or a Looney Toons episode.

The voice cast is a good one though with Horie Yui playing Millhiore (She hasn't been getting a lot of starting roles for the last few seasons.) and Miyamo Mamoru played a care free person rather than a criminal genius or a Gundam pilot which he is famous for. Nana Mizuki voiced Chief Engineer Ricotta took a back seat in this one but sang the opening titles "Scarlet Knight." Koshimizu Ami played Leonmichelis, the leader of the Cat kingdom was aggressive and cold hearted but her strongest knight, Godwin voiced by Wakamoto Norio stole the show with his scheming and bad ass voice like what he did in Code Geass's Charles and Sengoku Basara's Nobunaga.

It could be a hit or miss for this one but I give myself another try maybe after watching the next episode. (By the way, Chocobo don't fly!)

X-Men: I could go on ranting of why Marvel Studios choose to have their characters to go to Japan but I choose not to. Iron Man was filled with robot of the week while Wolverine is an emotional train wreck. So what about X-Men?

Jean Grey got killed for the hundred time after turning to Dark Phoenix and Cyclops went emo again. Storm went on a cruise and freeze (literally) some pirates, Hank "Beast" McCoy giving a lecture on a talking squid while Wolverine can't even get on a plane after failing the metal detector. I find it more amusing seeing the X-men doing ordinary things but Charles Xavier paged for them, they reassembled to search a missing mutant girl in Japan.

The characters were different from the Wolverine anime and Logan himself is on steroids. Beast is a more cat like while Storm is hot with her short hair. Overall an interesting start and with the main enemies called the U-Men, I won't be surprised if they started bringing Blade which is their next works after this.

Tiger and Bunny: Superheroes plus reality TV? Seriously, don't these studios know what happen when you mix these two together? The opening scene is like COPS but with capes. People with super powers called NEXT compete in a reality TV show to catch three robbers and disregard of any collateral damages. The main character, Wild Tiger was a veteran hero but could not keep up with his newer counterparts who have better and fancier powers (Wild Tiger can only be a five-minute superhero which is laughable in some scenes)

The heroes supposedly have real-life sponsors on their costumes. One had Bandai on his costume, a loli girl had DMM.Com (I keep thinking of the ads after those Japan AV films), a giant had a famous beef restaurant label on it and we have Pepsi Girl who just can't get rid of cameras aiming at her fan-service body.

After his company was bought over by a larger corporation, Wild Tiger was forced to partner with a new and younger Superhero named Barnaby Brooks Jr. He refused to help a kid to pick a balloon while Tiger got humiliated after helping the kid. But overall, I am watching because of Pepsi Girl and my love of Pepsi.

I have a feeling of what is going to come in the next few episodes.
1) Some sponsors decided to create Super Villains to boost up rantings.
2) One or two Super Heroes got killed on National Television.
3) The Heroes screwed up, causing serious lives and property damages (See Marvel's Civil War Storyline)
4) Tiger and Barnaby will learn what is mean to be Super Heroes and probably get rid of those sponsors slogans on their chest. (They are ruining the suit but leave Pepsi Girl alone)

Don't call me "Snoopy"
Sengoku Otome: Another time-slip anime and changing the historical characters to females is the only way to get more otakus to hook up on. After Hide Yoshino jump into a time portal created by her teacher, she meet an ancestor of her friend, Akemichi and the famous Japan ruler-Oda Nobunaga with boobs. Hide renamed herself as Hideyoshi and got caught in a silly treasure hunt over a mysterious samurai armor.

A funny scene which Oda using the Cellphone and decided to smash it in the end. Akemichi look like a lesbian who tried in any ways to get ride of Hide and be the love of Nobunaga. The ending saw Hide looking at a talking dog and speaking in a manly voice. Thank god it didn't say "What's up, Doc?" otherwise I will be watching a re-run of Looney tunes or Garfield.

The story look simple but do not have much appeal like the Koihime Musou series as the characters look boring and Oda look more like Naga from Slayers rather than the Sixth Day Devil King which he was referred to. To be honest, I rather play the Ero Game of any Sengoku Era Japan produce than this series.

That is my review of the first episodes of the Spring Anime series. There will be a few more coming up in the next two weeks so watch out for it and later on, I will start a poll asking for you to vote which anime do you want me to do. See you then!

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