Monday, March 7, 2011

SRW OG S2 Ep 22-Thus the flower wither...

Ouka fired at Dr Cero which he suffered injuries. Arado saved him and placed him in Wuger's cockpit. Dr Cero explained that he can restore Ouka's memories again but he need to get into Rapiecage's cockpit.

Arado, Seolla and Latooni fought hard and managed to destroy Rapiecage's barrier. Arado immediately punch a hole on Rapiecage, allowing Dr Cero to enter the cockpit.

Dr Cero restored Ouka's memory which angered Aquilla. She immediately activated the machine cells which is generating in the Earth Cradle. Meanwhile, the SRX and ATX team battled more of the Neo DC grunts. Suddenly the grunts were regenerated by the machine cells making them stronger and harder to beat.

Outside, Sanger and Wodam were still battling and Wodam asked him what he is fighting for. Sanger replied to save his friend, Sophia Gate, the original director of the Earth Cradle who is now a captive by the Neo DC and Shadow Mirror. Wodam mock him, stating the same thing. The two giants clash hard, resulting a loss of one arm and fell right into the main core of the Earth Cradle.

The others heroes saw Sangar and Wodam, damaged but alive. The two giants took their final stance which Sangar won. Suddenly Aquilla appeared in a Gravlion and is corrupted with machine cells. Everyone fought hard and Wodam damaged Gravlion and rescued Sophia. He hand over her to Sangar and ask him to save the world. Wodam died after that.

Ouka and the others arrived too and she activated ATA and charged into Gravlion. She told Arado and the others to live on. Seolla and Latooni tried to stop her but were stopped by Arado. Ouka and Aquilla died in the explosion and our heroes escaped the Earth Cradle, destroying the Neo DC...

As expected, Ouka and Wodam redeem their actions at their cost of their lives. Sangar and Wodam's battle is not the best but fighting with one arm is good enough for me. The next episode, our heroes goes to space and their final battle against the Inspectors and Shadow Mirror.

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