Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SRW OG S2 Ep 24-Are we too late for a new opening?

The crew were having a big feast on board the Kurogane before the final battle with the Inspectors. They immediately sortie out when they are closing by the White Star. Meanwhile, the Inspectors are fighting the Einst while the Shadow Mirror are watching at the sidelines.

The Inspectors fire their primary weapon-Diaus. A cannon that used reflector mirrors to create multiple laser death traps. The SRX and ATX team took off, each taking down one of the Inspectors.

Irum, Ryoto, Rio and the School pilots battle Mekiboss and he retreated. The ATX battle Sikalog with Kyosuke dealing the final blow, killing him.

Agulia saw her lover die went crazy and fire the Diaus at everyone, damaging the Kurogane.

Masaki, Ryune and Ibis take on Agulia which Masaki killed her with Akashic Buster.

Vigaji was left alone and want to fire the Diaus when suddenly Shu in his Granzon arrived, destroyed the Diaus and Vigaji. Axel decided to sortie out and Lemon ordered W16-Echinda to protect Axel.

Kyosuke and Axel battle out and Kyosuke managed to damage him. Lamia tried to stab Axel when suddenly Echinda got caught in the way and suffered mortal wounds. Echinda told Axel to live on and she exploded in deep space..

Wow, this is an intense episode and with three of the Inspectors down and leaving Mekiboss and Wendolo behind, it is still far from over. But it was still great to hear Dark Prism which is Shu's theme and his appearance won me! Now with two episodes left, can our heroes do anything?! (Oh yes, why the 2nd Opening come so late?)

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