Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SRW OG S2 Ep 19-Isn't that from Art of Fighting?

Our heroes rushed to save the city from the Einst from the air and the ground. As they were battling the Einst, a black fog began to cover the city turning people into the Einst.

Suddenly Rein Weibsritter appeared and went straight to Hiryu Kai. It was about to fire when Kyosuke appeared outside the deck. Alfimi appeared too and told Kyosuke that Excellen has turn into a pure being and the "Gate" is open.

Another portal appeared in the city and out came Einst Regisseur-A giant Monster like creature. Bullet and Kusuha in their Grugust type 3 got caught by Regisseur's vines and trapped in a vortex. Bullet and Kusuha tried to break free but couldn't. However their will was so strong that Ryoohki and Koohki appeared infront of them. The two machines asked the two pilots are they willing to accept to destroy evil. They accepted and the two machines merged with Grugust type 3 and became Ryukooh and Koryuoh.

They quickly destroy Regisseur which Excellen and Alfimi told Kyosuke they will meet again. After the battle, Kyosuke had a discussion with Arado and Gilliam which Gilliam plan to do a background check on Kyosuke. Dr Radom appeared and told Arado and Kyosuke that they are getting an upgrade soon...

Interesting episode to see the Chokinjin machines and Rein Weibsritter is bad ass. I kinda of laugh when the Chokinjin Machines introduced as the "Invincible Dragon" and the "Strongest Tiger" which is from the SNK game-Art of Fighting. Anyway, the next episode will be the attack at the Earth Cradle and will Arado will be to free Seolla and the showdown between Sanger and Wodom will be the highlight next week.

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