Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gokaiger Ep 1-Did it live up the Hype?

It has been 2 days since the broadcast of the 35th Anniversary Super Sentai show-Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Episode 1. So after the rumors and information for the last two months, did it live up the Hype?

(This is going to be a long post cause I have a lot to talk about.)

In 2009, we have Kamen Rider Decade which introduces cross-over is possible and after that we see cross-over of all kind. Now Gokaiger being the 35 team to be inducted, can it do better than Decade's disastrous run?

The pre-credits sequence was really what Decade fail to do. Instead everyone beating each other, the Super Sentai teaming up together, battling the Space Empire Zangyack (Which is a pun word for Remnants) and it suddenly turn into a "300" battle scene which the 34 Sentai team turn on thousands of grunts! What can I say about Fan service? They did better than Decade!

I can do a "Where's Waldo" game just for that first two minutes of fan service. Gaorangers jumping around. Ginga Red blasting a fire ball. Jetman soar in the air, Red Turbo and Red Racer teaming up, Kakuranger and Hurricanger slashing with Kage no Mai and Tyranoranger MMPR Red Ranger doing it his trademark fist in the face while holding his sword backwards. All the dead rangers are also here-Black Condor, Time Fire, Dragonranger (Let's see how Saban deal with this), Shrukinger. I think Bulblack, Ninjaman and Signalman are not here but Gosei Knight is in.

Then Akaranger, Big One told everyone to combine their powers and become a giant fire ball!? It destroy the Space Armada which all of their powers were lost and they became the stuff of legend.

So what now? A giant pirate ship cruising through space and our new cast, the Gokaigers are on board it. They are already the Gokaigers and they have their predecessors powers in keys. What does a good pirate do? Search for Treasure of course! They were informed by their talking robot parrot, Navi voiced by Tamura Yukari (Nanoha Chan, what did they do to you?) that the greatest treasure in the universe is on Earth but they have to get past the Zangyack vanguard fleet.

Transforming to Gokaioh immediately and taking down the fleet with ease. Usually it will take two episodes (Jetman and Zyuranger took 4 to 5 episodes to get their robots) for the robot to appear. But what the heck but I can swore that Gokaioh was smearing.

Anyway they arrived on Earth and right on top of a city. The Gokaigers came up asking for the treasure but no one take them seriously. I don't expect them to loot and plunder the city otherwise kids will have the wrong idea that it is okay to be a jerk if everyone ignored them.

We get to see the Zangyack Generals led by Tolies Gil who come up short of a Jerk who happened to be the son of the Lord of the Universe. Barizorg is the Yes Man soldier while Insarn is the seductive and Craze scientist. Damaras remind me of those noble villains like Danzo or Lio who want nothing than a fair fight. Hopefully some of the old villains return and show how evil they really are like Doctor Man or Gozma.

The Gokaigers will about to have their first meal (at the expense of Luka's diamond ring), curry rice which is Kiranger's favourite food and Snack Safari is where the Sun Vulcan team hang out. Then all hell break loose, Zangyack attacking everywhere and the Gokaigers step in after Captain Marvelous (CM for short) was upset that they ruined his meal.

The team transform and took it quite cool as they swing in rope like some swashbuckling show (Zorro and Pirates of the Caribbean came into my head) Then who they transform to? The first Sentai Team-Goranger! I kinda of giggle as Midoranger/Gokai Green was about to say something but Akaranger/Gokai Red snatch his lines. The Goranger Hurricane was fun and it turn into a garage truck, sucking all the grunts in. After that Shinkenger and Magirangers were next and finally back to Gokaiger when they finish off in a rainbow verison of Getsu Tesshou!

The kids came to thank them and CM has a sense of satisfaction inside but he couldn't say. Guess he has a good heart like Jack Sparrow minus his annoying way of speech. Joe act tough, Luka has a mercenary attitude, Ahim a goody two shoes and Don being lovable (Ron Wesley, eat your heart out!)

Overall, a great start but if they show the same problems like Decade (eg: budget cuts, no returning cast, bad story plots) It could be the Best  or Worst Sentai Series ever! What do we expect for episode 2? Stupid kid trying to show that he can save the world with Shinkenred key? Mecha battle, Akared's appearance and is that black cloak guy Kai AKA Magi Red?

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