Friday, February 11, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 6-French Toast and German Beer

Gundam Kyrios?

Ichika was getting tips from Houki, Cecilla and Rin which he has problems absorbing everything. Charles want to have a mock battle with Ichika which he enjoy the lesson. He even got some shooting lessons from Charles' rifle.

If you look from behind, it look like Black Selena from Nadesico the Movie
Laura appeared in her black IS and challenged Ichika. However he refused and Laura fire a shot at him! Charles block the shot and was prepare to fight back when they ordered by the instructors to cease.

Later, Ichika overheard Laura and Chifuyu near the lake and Laura was angry that Chifuyu left her in Germany. Chifuyu told her to mind her own business and was annoyed that Ichika heard everything. He remembered that sometime before he was enrolled into the academy, he was kidnapped by some men. Chifuyu forfeit her final match to save him. The condition was Chifuyu is to become an instructor in Germany. Ichika told her that he will become stronger and protect everyone.

Ichika arrived in his room and accidentaly saw that Charles is a woman in the bathroom! She explained to him that she is actually the illegitimate child of her father. She was brought by her father and become a test pilot for IS. Her mission was to find out the secret of Ichika's resonate with the IS however she like the academy. Ichika reassured that the students are under the protection of the Academy and thus no country or organisation can touch them.

Cecilla want to have dinner with Ichika and he pulled an excuse that Charles is sick. He quickly left the room with Cecilla. Along the hallway, Houki also join in for the dinner.

Sharingan, Geass, Neuroi Sensor and now...IS Accelerator?
After dinner, Ichika brought food for Charles which he feed her after Charles had problems using chopsticks. Outside, Laura was alone, removing her eye patch, showing a strange yellow eye...

Charles' real identify was exposed in two episodes?! That was fast. But now we know Ichika is a target for the organisations who want to exploit his secrets. But I got a feeling that someone will find out about it and create an army of IS which Ichika and Co will have to take on. Anyway I felt that Laura might have an obsession for Chifuyu which is why she act hostile to Ichika.

Edit: I just found out that Charles's real name is Charlotte which I will add it in the next episode.

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