Thursday, February 10, 2011

A look at the Gokaiger Henshin Item-The DX Mobirates

Look like someone has already gotten hold of the Gokaiger Henshin Item-The DX Mobirates! It contain Gokai Red, Pink, Green plus Vul Eagle, Gao Red, Deka Red, Magi Red, Geki Red, Go-on Red and Shinken Red.

It look easy, just slot the key into the centre and twist it. The name of the team is announced and if you press the "Star" button, it announced the full name of the team and their motto. Pretty cool, I should said.
Of course, if you are too lazy to get all the keys which is too much, you can press the keys in a certain order like 0001 and you will get Goranger. However you won't be able to hear the full team name and their motto with that. Tomokazu Seki as the Mobirates Voice announced the team name in a hot blooded manner and I kinda of like the way he shouted Gingaman and Jetman.

I will probably get it too but getting all the keys is little too much for me. Maybe when the Gokai Sliver henshin item arrived, I might consider getting all the sixth and seventh rangers keys.

Update: The user has removed his first video so I am unable upload it for you. Sorry for the trouble!

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