Saturday, February 19, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 7-W.W.W (Woman's World War)

The rumors of whoever wins the tournament will get to go out with Ichika came to Houki. She was upset as it was her own wager with Ichika. She recall that years ago after her sister created the IS system, her family was put under protection from the government. Houki was left alone with no kin to take care of. During one of her Kendo contest, she injure a fellow competitor as she act reckless. She is determined not to repeat that action again.

Meanwhile, Cecilla and Rin were about to have their practice together when they were interrupted by Laura and her Schwarzer Roegen. They began to battle each other with Ichika, Houki and Charlotte watching from the sidelines. Laura's IS has an AIC or Active Inertia Canceller which is a big energy shield protecting Laura. She attacked the two girls and they were nearby in danger. Ichika couldn't stand it and join in the fight with Charlotte.

However Chifuyu stop the battle and warned them that there will be no mock battles till the tournament start. Later, Cecilla and Rin were in the hospital and Ichika asked why they are fighting with Laura in the first place. Charlotte knew the reason but was stop by the two girls. Suddenly more girls came to the room and show them a pamphlet. The tournament has been changed to a 2 on 2 battle and everyone want Ichika to be her partner. Ichika told them he is having Charlotte as his partner which disappointed everyone.

That night, Charlotte was happy that Ichika choose her as his partner and they changed into their sleeping attire. They turned around with the back behind but Charlotte fell showing off her panties in front of Ichika. She kicked him in the face and he was knocked out cold. Later, She kiss a sleeping Ichika on the forehead and thank him for making her useful to him.

The next day, they discovered that their opponents in the tournament will be Houki and Laura....

I expected that Houki will pair up with Laura just for the dramatic purposes and an interesting look at Houki's past and seeing that her family left her because of the IS make me understand why she want Ichika for herself. Laura's IS is another AT field wannabe but I am sure that it has it own weakness too which hopefully Ichika can figure next episode.

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