Monday, February 21, 2011

SRW OG S2 Ep 20-I feel like hugging Seolla...

Tetsuya is nominated to be the new Captain of the Kurogane which everyone agree however he was modest and said he will be an acting captain for the time being. Shu took his leave which everyone puzzled. The Hiryu Kai appeared near the Earth Cradle however the Neo DC fire at them.

Kyosuke pilot the Red Gespenst equipped with Revolver stick and an add-on booster. Arado is now equipped with the Stag Beetle Crusher and the knowledge of the TWB (Twin Bird Strike). When he heard that Seolla and Ouka are in the battlefield, he sortie out with Latooni and Shine.

Arado tried all ways to convince Seolla but was interrupted by the two of the Machinery Children. Arado take on the two but was knocked out. Seolla finally remember who she is and help Arado. They fought back with Arado taking down Thurisaz with Stag Beetle Crusher.

Seolla and Arado then used TWB on Ansuz and he was defeated. They then confronted Ouka. She refused to listen Arado and Latooni which Aquila ordered her to retreat. Arado and the others receive to return to the ship as the 2nd phrase of the operation is about to begin.

The Kurogane drill out of a mountain and Wodam is waiting on the Earth Cradle with Sangar standing on top of the Kurogane...

Seolla is one of my favourite heroines and her cut-in game shot was really a treat (She never wear any Bra now I realize). I was expecting more on the TWB being animated better as the game version was awesome. The next episode will have the two giants clashing swords together and Rai, Elzam and Leona in their final confrontation against Archibald.

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