Friday, February 4, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 5-International Relations

Ichika and Houki were informed by Yamada Sensei that they do not need to share a room but this make Houki even more angry after Ichika show indifferent to it. Before she leave, she told Ichika that if she win next month's tournament, he is supposed to take her out on a date.

The news spread to the school but was totally distorted. The class were introduced to a new transfer student-Charles Dunoa from France and is a male. The whole school went crazy about it and the two male students flee away from the crazed females.

During the training, Cecilla and Rin were ordered to demonstrate with Yamada Sensei in her Raphael Revive and failed miserably. Ichika was asked to do group coaching which Houki is in his group. She couldn't get into the training IS as it was too tall and Ichika carried her up to it. She asked if he like to have lunch on the rooftop later. He replied promptly however he brought Charles, Cecilla and Rin to join in.

The next day, an another transfer student from Germany came named Laura Bodewig. She address Chifuyu as Instructor which Ichika suspected that she was taught by Chifuyu during her stint in Germany. Laura approached Ichika and slap him claiming that he is not worthy to be Chifuyu's brother...

Two students in two days? Furthermore a French and German? I got a feeling that all these so called international transfer students are spying on Ichika and trying to figure out his secret on why he can pilot the IS. Even through Charles claim to be a male but we all know that he is a XXXX! Don't forget that the IS are very strong and if it is used for military use, it can be devastating.

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