Monday, January 10, 2011

SRW OG S2 Ep 14- Cute Girls with Skulls are not Good!

Gilliam explained that his real name is Helios and when he was in the Shadow Mirror world, he created two machine called System XN that is supposed to travel dimensions. One is called Agyieus which is inside Zweizergain and Lykeios which the whereabouts are unknown. Gilliam was accidentally sent to our world when he started up Ageiyus. He start life afresh here but knew that the Shadow Mirror will come one day looking for him.

Lamia explained that she is an artificial human code named W17, the seventeen in W-Series and Wodan is W15 created from the Shadow Mirror's Sanger. After hearing their story, Admiral Daitetsu allow Lamia to stay and will explained to the EFA that she is "KIA".

Soon our heroes returned to EFA base which is now manned by Kenneth. He ordered them to join with Neo DC to battle the Inspectors and retake the bases in America. Ratsel informed that he and his crew will go to Tesla Institute to defeat the Inspectors and to find a "present" which was left by the late Dr Bian. Arado is also recruited by Kai and his first job was to train in the simulator everyday is allow the Wurger as his personal unit.

Ryusei and Rai has mixed feelings that Mai will be joining them in the next battle. They were worried that Mai might remember that she is Levi of the Aerogaters and will become a liability. They were also ordered by Villeta not to mention her in front of everyone.

Our heroes soon battle in the Sea of Hawaii with Masaki and Ibis battling Agiha while the ATX team battle Sikalog. The SRX team and Octo team retake the Hawaii Base and it results the Inspectors to retreat.

When the ATX team were about to leave, they heard a girl's voice and suddenly Kyosuke, Excellen, Bullet and Kusuha were sucked into a black hole. They found themselves in another dimension and a Skull mecha, the Persoenlickeit appeared in front of them. The pilot introduced herself as Einst Alfimi and she want Kyosuke to follow her. He refused and tried to attack her. But Alfimi immobilised everyone and began to get close to Kyosuke.

Kyosuke managed to break free with sheer guts and blast her. The damage managed to bring everyone back to the real world and Alfimi claimed that she will be back and retreated...

I still find Excellen and Alfimi fun to watch as they were voiced by the same Seiyuu, Mizutai Yuko. One is trying to take Kyosuke away while another is trying to stop her. Fans will also know something will happen to Excellen later since Alfimi has shown already. Anyway, the next episode, the arrival of one big Daizanger or Dygenguard which is how they wrote it but I still called it Daizanger!

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