Friday, January 28, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 4-Three's a crowd

Ichika and Rin began their match and both of them are trying to test their endurance. Ichika tried to ambush Rin however her Impact Cannon on her shoulders fire at him, barely missing him. Houki, Cecilla and Chifuyu were at the monitor room watching the match and Cecilla is blabbing about Ichika's miss.

Ichika recalled his training with Chifuyu days ago and asked why Yukihira is Byakushiki's only weapon. She explained that it is the best weapon against any country's representative and one hit of it is more than enough to defeat any enemies.
Ichika tried to use the Ignition Boost on Rin when suddenly an unknown IS damaged the cover shield of the stadium. Chifuyu call off the match and ordered them to retreat. However they stay behind to buy time for the students to evacuate. The two of them tried hard to take the unknown IS but it is too fast and it's beam weapons are deadly.

Cecilla and Houki want to help Ichika however the security doors are locked by an unknown hacker and no one is able to leave the stadium. Ichika and Rin took a breather as the smoke distracted the unknown IS. Ichika wondered if the enemy is not manned by a human but a drone as it never attack unless they start moving. He decided to take a gamble for using Yukihira's second move-Pin Point attack.

Suddenly Houki arrived outside and called out him. The Unknown IS was about to fire at her and Ichika ordered Rin to fire her cannon. Ichika was in the line of fire and the cannon supercharged Ichika's IS and slice an arm of the Unknown IS. Cecilla arrived too and fire her rifle at the Unknown IS. It went down for a moment but it reboot again and fire at Rin. Ichika quickly block the fire and everything went blank...

The next moment, Ichika woke up in the medical bay with Rin trying to steal a kiss from him. Ichika then remember their promise from their childhood however he thought that he will be treated with food by Rin if she get better. Rin told him that her parents were divorced which cause her to return to China after that. Cecilla and Houki arrived and all three of them tried to get Ichika's attention. Meanwhile Chifuyu analysed the Unknown IS and it is an unmanned and unregistered IS...

I thought it is going to be a simple one on one match but it turns out to be a battle for survival. At least the enemies appeared and it will be interesting to find out who built and why it seems to be targeting Ichika. The next episode we have a new transfer student and it is a guy?! The 2nd male to pilot IS? But if you have been following the rumors, you will know it is not true...

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