Friday, January 7, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 1-The most lucky (unlucky) boy in the world!

Does it remind you of Unicorn Gundam?
Our story begin in medias res as Orimura Ichika and his female friends battling an unknown white IS (Infinite Stratos) and it results with Ichika clashing it in a white explosion.

Months ago, Ichika was enrolled into the IS academy after being the only male capable of piloting the IS. He was happy that his childhood friend, Shinonono Houki who he has not seen for 6 years is in the same class. He make a blunder when he introduced himself but when his elder sister, Chifuyu who is the home teacher "abuse" him, the class went wild as she is the top IS pilot years ago and is considered a legend.

Roses is a must for Boasting Rich Girls!
After talking to Houki during class and still getting abuse from Chifuyu, England's Representative-Cecilla Alcott introduce herself to Ichika and boasted she won over an instructor to enroll the academy however Ichika claimed the same.

When classes is over, Ichika went to his new dorm and was shocked that Houki is his roommate. When Ichika make a remark about Houki is starting to wear a bra, she smacked him hard!

The next day, Chifuyu want a class Representative to represent their class and Ichika was nominated but Cecilla objected it. Ichika didn't want to give in and was willing to challenge her. Chifuyu agreed and give them until Monday to duel...

An interesting start and why Ichika is able to use IS is a mystery and if you hear carefully, Ichika couldn't remember his childhood...hmmm, a clue? Anyway Houki reminds me of Hanzo of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaoh and Cecilla is like Mashiro of Mai Otome. Ichika is a less bittered version of Banagher of Gundam Unicorn without the bad ass attitude of Soul of Soul Eater.

Overall, I will see the next few episodes before thinking of doing this series on a permanent basics.

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