Monday, December 20, 2010

Kamen Rider 40th Anniversary Movie (For the love of god, No Den-O!)

After the end of the latest Kamen Rider Movie-Ozu and Double Crossover movie, a short teaser trailer was shown and this was revealed...

Kamen Rider Ichigo!

"A 40th Anniversary Works"

Going through a trip of 40 years

Coming this Spring 2011!

The official website link:

So are we going see another All Riders team up? With Ozu and Double as their new members, what will they face this time? Although I really didn't want Den-O to be one of the main lead but his Den-Liner is the only thing that can go through time.

Anyway, there is 4 more months before Spring so let's hope it will be a good one! If anything goes wrong, in the words of Narutaki-ONORE DECADEEEEE!!!!! (But I rather blame it on Den-O!)

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