Thursday, October 21, 2010

SRW OG S2 Ep 3-Why two long lost friends have to point guns at each other?

Bullet was writing a report of the previous battle when Excellen run in a bath towel. She flirt him which cause Bullet to run out of the room. She look at the pictures of the unknown aliens and find it familiar. Kyosuke probe on Lamia about the aliens but she denied knowing anything.

Meanwhile, the SRX team were having a meeting of the two new machines-the R-Blade and Wild Falken. Ryusei was to try out R-Blade while Latonni in the Wild Falken.

At the same time, Archialed welcome two new pilots-Seolla and Arado from the disbanded "SCHOOL", an institute to train children to pilot the Personal Troopers. Yuki didn't like the idea of children to enter the war but took the order to take them under his wing.

The next day, Ryusei and Latooni test the two new machines which Ryusei won with an unlikely attack. Suddenly the DC troops led by Yuki were approaching fast. Seolla was ordered to capture the Wild Falken.
She managed to make it crash to the ground. An armed Latooni tried to stop Seolla which both of them were surprised by each other. Latooni was a former member of SCHOOL and they questioned each other of their alliances.

Suddenly Seolla was in a trance and knocked Latooni unconscious. She piloted the Wild Falken and escaped with the rest of the DC troops. The ATX also arrived but couldn't do anything as they watch the DC retreated...

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