Thursday, October 21, 2010

Iron Man Ep 3-Iron Man vs the Tornado Robot?!

A mysterious tornado has been murdering scientists for no reason which Nanami decided to investigate the case. Meanwhile Tony and Tanaka were experimenting a new EMP reactor to be installed in their security system which Tony described it as 'bland'. Tanaka received a call from a friend whose life is in danger. The friend was then killed by the tornado and Tanaka decided to check on a old friend.

Nanami was interviewing Professor Sakamoto at his office when Tanaka came in. They mentioned about "Tesla project" which Tanaka and the murdered scientists were involved years ago. However the project was halted by the government.

A tornado began to attack an air base and Iron Man tried to stop it. He entered the heart of the Tornado and discovered a robot like machine is responsible for it. Iron Man tried to stop it but was immediately knocked out by it.

The tornado attacked Nanami and the others which Sakamoto was hurt. After the tornado pass, Tony recovered and had the Iron Man Suit send for repairs. He saw some rescue workers trying to rescue a woman and her baby in a bus. He offered to help but the captain told him to leave. The bus gave way and crash into the river. Tony dived in and rescue the woman and child.

Tanaka and Nanami went to an abandoned lab where they fought out about the Tesla project was revived recently. Tanaka explained the project was to control the electric magnetic fields in the sky thus control the weather. Suddenly Sakamoto appeared and was armed. He was the one who revived the project by an unknown source. He tried to kill them but Nanami's quick thinking knocked him off. The two girls then escaped and informed Tony.

Tanaka created a EMP cannon which Iron Man is to use it against the Tornado machine. Tony suit up and carried the EMP cannon to the Tornado. Sakamoto was at the site and was killed by the Tornado.

After distracting it, Iron Man damaged the machine but his suit was also affected by the pulse. The suit shut down and he plunging down to the ground and at the last minute, his suit restarted and Iron Man blast off to the sky...

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