Friday, August 27, 2010

Strike Witches S2 Ep 8-Grant me Wings

This is a serious episode and when you see there is no opening song in a show, you know that it is a good one.
Yoshika has been unable to control her power recently which results her to be a liability if she goes to battle. She tried to fly even a broomstick but it explode and she felt really disheartened.

When the Fuso battleship, Yamato had an accident out sea, Yoshika and Lynette voluteered to aid the injuries. After aid the wounded, a Neuroi appeared and started attacking the fleet.

The two witches were preparing sortie but Yoshika was unable to start her unit.

Lynette took off first, buying time for the fleet to retreat. Yoshika cried and blaming herself for being unable to protect anyone. Suddenly, she could hear her father's voice and a hanger gate is open, revealing a new striker unit named Shin-Den.

Strike Fr...wrong show! Strike Yoshika, take off!!
Yoshika took off with the new unit and saved Lynette from crashing into the sea.

Yoshika make quick job of the Neuroi and saved the day.

Later back in the base, Minna and Mio discussed about the new unit and it was concluded that Yoshika's power were too strong for her old unit to handle and thanks to Dr Miyafuji's blueprint in episode 1, The project team was able to complete Shin-Den. Minna even commented that Shin-Den is a custom unit for Yoshika.

The scene ended with Yoshika and Lynette sleeping together soundly.

This is what is expected in a sci-fic Anime. A new problem for the characters and it is resolved with a new unit. I like it for taking this episode seriously after the last one.

Next ep is about Perinne and it probably deal with old haunted castle.


  1. i wonder is Striker witches season 1 or season 2 better? Any review pls

  2. .素晴らしい blog. 私はそれを愛する ^^.

  3. Season 2 is ongoing so I can't compete it. But Season 1 is good with an interesting finale. Go and watch if you have the chance.