Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Star Twinkle Precure Ep 30 & 31 Review: The Final Princess Pen!

Kirayaba! My Desktop is back to normal despite losing some important files (Although I have a backup) but I am guessing all of you are waiting to know what happen next as the Final Princess Pen is found!

My thoughts of Episode 30: The natives from Lala's planet became too dependent on their AI system and when Aiwan hacked into the Mother AI, the natives became too weak to do anything even walking was torture to them but Lala who has learn to be independent all these while, she was able to send a strong message to her family about the over-reliance of AI. 

I was even touched by Lala's AI who risked it's own program to save the girls and was nearly corrupted by Aiwan's hacking however somehow it overcame the hacking and in the end still retained it's memories of the girls and their encounters. As the girls were preparing to head back to Earth, the Galactic Starscape Alliance and its' leader Topper followed them into the wormhole back to Earth...

Episode 31: Topper halted the girls and want them as Precures to join the Alliance. However Elena and Madoka declined as they have personal commitments and returned home. Later Hikaru brought Onigiri as a sign of friendship to Topper. (I thought Doughnuts was the Universal Language of Friendship?)

Topper invited Hikaru and Fuwa to his ship and he explained that he failed to protect the Star Princesses when they were attacked and he want Hikaru (which he think she is the leader) to help them since it is everyone's responsibilities to protect the galaxy. 

Suddenly Garuouga appeared and wanted to abduct Fuwa and the Princess Pens. Hikaru transformed and Garuouga teleport both of them to the surface of the Moon and they continued battling. Kappard has also arrived as he was chasing after the Pisces Princess Pen and Garuouga caught the pen. 

Cure Star tried to take on Garuouga but he was too strong for her. Fuwa managed to create a wormhole for the other girls to join the battle. But even using Rainbow Splash and Southern Cross Shot was not enough to take down Garuouga.

Suddenly Garuouga's powers started to weaken and Cure Star managed to snatch back the Pisces Princess Pen and fire a Pisces Star Punch. Garuouga and Kappard retreated and the girls revived the Pisces Princess.

Prunce was in tears as all the Star Princesses were revived. They instructed the girls to feed Fuwa a special jelly and a new Princess Key appeared and Fuwa turned into a little Unicorn!?

This episode was more of setting up of the girls' future whether do they accept the Galactic Alliance's offer to protect the universe. Although Topper should have consider that the girls are just teenagers and probably not the right people to consider about. Beside Hikaru isn't the brightest person in the room as she just follow her own feelings and didn't realise that such a matter should be consulted with the rest.

Garuouga finally make his move and I know that he is also relying on Darknest's power to overcome Cure Star which I thought being the number 2 man, he will have a certain level of strength on his own but I probably guess that Darknest is really desperate to collect the Princesses pens and Fuwa. 

Speaking of Fuwa, what has become of her? She became an Unicorn!? So no more puffball Fuwa? As the next episode preview that Fuwa's new form will be important for the girls' new powers. Until then, see you in the next post! (Hopefully no more problems on my desktop after installing Anti-virus software)

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