Saturday, November 4, 2017

King of Fighters Destiny Ep 9 to Ep 15 Review (Spoilers!)

Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I did a KOF Destiny episodes recap so let's get started!

Episode 9 started off with Geese talking to the Mysterious "R" as they brainwashed the American Sports team with the Dark Crystals. Terry and Kyo had an misunderstanding but Geese's men chased after them.

Heidern arrived and took the two to his secret hideout. Heidern advised the two men to leave South Town as Geese's big plan is more than just hosting the KOF tournament. However Terry and Kyo insisted of staying due to their personal agendas and the two men left.

Angeline was called up by Geese and was horrified that Geese murdered Matt. Geese gave her a bottle to poison Terry which she waited anxiously for his arrival at a cafe. Episode 10 is a flashback between Kyo and Benimaru's rivalry which the two fought off a group of gangsters in the rain. Kyo told Benimaru that the gangsters were harassing his girlfriend earlier and Benimaru respected him for that.

Back to the present, Angeline poured the poison to Terry's drink before he arrived. Before Terry could drink it, a little boy was causing problems to the cafe owner. Terry step in and the boy want Terry to be his surrogate father. But Terry declined despite the boy's puppy eyes. In the end, Terry gave in and promise the boy he will find him after he settle his matters. (Fatal Fury fans will probably guess who this boy really is and how his back story will complicate Terry in the future)

Angeline throw the poison drink away and she confessed that Geese threaten her. She begged Terry to leave South Town with her but Terry claimed his revenge against Geese is not over. As Terry left, Billy came in and kidnapped Angeline...

The tournament finally begin as Joe took on Athena for the first match. At the same time, Mai defeated Ryo and advance to the next round (Which I am sure a lot of AOF fans are pissed off now and we didn't even see Takuma!) Mai went to see Terry's match as he defeated Kensou and now take on Chin.

Terry's Power Charge and Power Dunk didn't appear until KOF 97 but then no one is counting...

As both teams were cheering for Terry and Chin, Chin was surprisingly good at handling Terry but a crack on Chin's wine bottle had him forfeit the match. Chin knew that Terry has hidden potential and advise him to make use of it. Clark and Kim were having their final match and despite Kim used his Fu-Oh Ken to knock Clark down, he came back stronger and defeated Kim.

While Benimaru was having problems against a brainwashed Brian Battler, Terry received a call that Angeline is held hostage and he rushed to save her. Heidern placed a tracker on him and later told Andy and Joe about Terry.

Benimaru was knocked out by Brian which Daimon defeated Brian and even Lucky Grabbler. Kyo finally make his debut and took on Heavy D. Kyo could sense Heavy D's Orochi presence but easily defeated Heavy D.

Meanwhile Billy was trying to make Angeline to side with Geese but she refused to side with him. (Despite Billy held a light for her) Terry rushed in and took Angeline away. However Geese's men and Billy surrounded them. Andy and Joe came to their aid while Heidern sneaked into Geese's office to find evidence.

Fatal Fury fans will know this scene is a tribute to Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 Poster.

Heidern managed to get away from Billy while Terry and Angeline get to the rooftop. Geese was waiting for them and Terry took him on. However he was no match for Geese's Orochi powers and threw a blast at Terry...

In another flashback, Angeline recalled how Terry saved her from some ruffians. He wanted to bring her along to meet Tung Fu Rue however Angeline sacrifice herself to get chased by the same ruffians as Terry leave South Town alone. (Terry also didn't get her name which probably explained him not remembering her when they met again in the bar in episode 3)

Angeline was left to die but Geese saved her and she has been following him ever since until that fateful night at the bar...

Seven episodes and we are 3/4 away from the season finale of 24 episodes. Let's start with Heidern being the exposition person to explain to Terry and Kyo what is really going on with Geese and the Mysterious "R".

The poison that Geese gave to Angeline is a reference to the Legend of Hungry Wolf OVA where Lilly was threatened by Geese to gave Terry poison before the match. Let's be honest, the women in Terry's life loved him so much that they willingly to break all the rules. The little boy which in the credit is labelled as Rock Howard is the illegitimate son of Geese which Terry won't know about it until he defeated Geese and he choose to kill himself.

The tournament begin and I know that despite AOF is the better team in the arcades and how they could lose to 3 girls who are not really top tier characters. I could suggest that Ryo, Robert and maybe Takuma didn't want to hurt Yuri in the match and kinda of hold back. Which probably explained why Mai could take out Ryo in the final match.

Terry was a badass throughout his fight and it was very funny to see Mai being all peaky to Andy and Joe at the sidelines and Joe became a punching bag for Mai to manhandle. Kim and Clark was very good as both used their trademark moves and Clark was very tough to deal with Kim's Fu-Oh Ken which in the game is a real killer but Clark's Ultra Argentina Back Breaker was really done in animated form since we are used to see this move in the arcades.

Benimaru didn't take his match seriously which resulted in his defeat which to be honest, he has yet to mature to be a better fighter. If you played the games from 94 to 97, you can see that Benimaru was one of the better fighters to use which is a sign of his improvements and the threat level rises due to Orochi. So let's hope, Benimaru will be better next time around.

So now we are at a crossroad with Terry taking on Geese for the first time and looking how it is going, it is not going well for Terry and I am worried that Angeline might get caught in the crossfire like Lilly. So let's hope that doesn't come true. Furthermore, I am also surprised that Terry and the Ruffians didn't know Angeline was a girl but given that her clothing make her like a boy and how her voice sounds squeaky, it's no wonder no one figure it out.

That's my thoughts of episode 9 to 15. Let's hope the final quarter will not be disappointed and where is Iori? Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. I love your reviews. I love KOF so much. Nuff said. lol Also can't wait for the next new episodes... I watched episode 17, and I just hope that the series will keep going until.. era of 99, 2000, etc.