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The King of Fighters Destiny Ep 1 and 2 Review: A Faithful Video Game Adaption!?

After countless of video game adaptions to big and small screen, can the King of Fighters (KOF for short) make it or become another lost piece in the ocean of video games adaption?

KOF is no stranger to other media from a 4 part OVA called Another day that cover the events in between the Ash Crimson and Maximum Impact Arc that make fans want more but never got it since SNK has countless finance issues and other video games companies (Capcom, Namco, etc) has stepped into the 3D genre with success and SNK is still struggling with their problems.

So after a major overhaul that lasted for 4 years, SNK finally came back this year with a new KOF (KOF 14) and the announcement of a 3D animated series with China CG company, IDragons Creative Studio and the first two episodes is already out.

So if you are still confused on what is going on after watching the first 2 episodes (or never play any of the older KOF or SNK games) Here is how the story goes chronically.

In the older days of Japan, the evil eight headed snake demon known as Orochi invade Japan and the three big families-Kusanagi, Yasanaki and Yata defeated Orochi with their three sacred weapons. 10 years before the first KOF tournament, Geese Howard murdered Terry and Andy Bogard's adopted father, Jeff over the control of an ancient martial arts scroll. This led Terry and Andy to pursue different fighting styles to prepare the day for their revenge against Geese.

Nice Ass, Mature!

However a mysterious third player is watching everything from the shadows as seen in the first scene of the first episode, a female assassin and her men hijacked an army convoy carrying the mysterious "Black Crystals"

Of course, we can't forget the main character, Kyo Kusanagi and his two faithful friends/rivals-Handsome Electric Fighter, Benimaru Nikado and Judo Master, Goro Daimon. The first scene of them was hilarious with Kyo and his father, Saisyu fighting over a fish ball a la Kung Fu Panda parody. After Saisyu was being dragged away by his wife, the three fighters packed their bags and headed to South Town for the KOF tournament.

The show also did a good mix-mash of the three big SNK fighting games-KOF, Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting (AOF for short) since all three storyline intertwined with each other despite how previously, there was no canon in their respective games.

Product Placement-Download our game!

Oh Mai, I can watch you all day!

Furthermore, the story is also set in current modern time with cell phones and social media like Benimaru trying to make friends with AOF sweetheart, Yuri Sakazaki through Facebook and SNK Poster Girl, Mai Shiranui playing a KOF app game on her phone while complaining of her boyfriend, Andy Bogard running off to South Town for the tournament.

We even get some comical moments from AOF Main lead, Ryo Sakazaki as he comically try to ride his motorcycle with little success and decided to make his way to Geese Tower by foot. The show also gave us of how the action scenes were done with Ryo, Stick Welder/Geese's bodyguard Billy and Benimaru. With their iconic moves like Ryo's Tiger Roar, Billy's Multi Sticks and Benimaru's Flying Drill displaying, it is a KOF Fan's dream come true.

Despite how the CG graphics on some of the characters looked like Barbie dolls, I really enjoyed the story so far and can't wait to see more. With 24 episodes being announced for the first season, it looked like we might go all the way to the Orochi Saga. (KOF 94-97 timeline)

Is Heidern trying to be DC Comics' The Question?

As seen from the opening, fan favourites like Athena Asamiya, Heidern, Kim Kaphwan and everyone favourite Sociopath, Iori Yagami will gradually make their appearances in the upcoming episodes. But for now, the story is focus on the First Fatal Fury game and some homages from the Fatal Fury OVA: Legend of Hungry Wolf with a female love interest, Angelina for Terry.

If you want to watch it, it is available for free on Steam and somehow the 2nd episode was leaked on Youtube. Overall, a good start for KOF Destiny and let's hope it get better by the end!

Update 11/08/2017: Both Episode 1 and 2 are now uploaded on SNK Channel on Youtube.

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