Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 23: Fortune Favors the Brave Part 3

Queen Mirage appeared in front of the girls and was about to deal the final blow on them when suddenly Blue arrived. He tried to plead with Queen Mirage to stop the invasion on Earth however she claimed she has lost hope on Love, Courage and Happiness.
This week's Precure is Cure Bloom! Splash Star Team Completed!
Megumi tried to talk sense into her however Queen Mirage had enough and fired a blast at them. Blue quickly transported the girls back to the Cross Mirror room. Later, Queen Mirage reprimanded Phantom for his actions but spare his life. Back at their hideout, Iona explained everything to Blue about Cure Tender. Megumi wanted Iona to join them but she was reluctant at first. Megumi then suggested to bake a cake to celebrate Iona's friendship.
Megumi and Yuko checked the kitchen and realised they don't have enough ingredients to bake a cake. Hime was feeling awkward with Iona in the same room. Ribbon wanted to ask Hime to go and buy the ingredients in which Iona volunteered to help too. The two girls and their mascots were walking one behind the other when Ribbon asked Glasses about Cure Tender and Iona started giving praises about her sister.
That coupon is expiring today!
They went to the supermarket however Iona suggested going to a nearby mart which sell cheaper goods. She even showed off her discount coupon to get a better deal on the eggs. Hime later wanted to buy a packet of Precure candies however Iona did not allow her to get it. She called Iona a stingy person and they started arguing. Iona finally give in since Hime really wanted the candies.
I got the SUPER RARE CARD!!!!!
While Hoshiwa is searching for her next victim, Hime got the Super Rare Card-Bomber Precure inside the candies. Iona asked her about the Axia box. Hime recalled that she heard a voice calling for help inside the box which got Iona curious to open it. When she opened it, the Phantom Empire broke free and conquered her kingdom. Iona then asked why didn't she explain earlier however Hime claimed she was blinded with rage to understand anything.
Iona realised that she and Hime have similar experiences and was embarrassed to face her. Glasses catch up to her and claimed that she should make peace with Hime which she agreed. Suddenly Hoshiwa has created a Saiark in the shopping district. Iona transformed and confronted them.
Yeah, hit your bottom with your Tambourine! I thought Arabian dance outfit will show more skin...
However there was another smaller Saiark who is moving very fast and Cure Fortune couldn't catch up. She was surrounded by the Saiark and Choiark but Cure Princess arrived to save her. The two decided to work together and used Macadamia Hula Dance and Cure Fortune's Pine Arabian to defeat the Choiark. Cure Fortune then finished it with Starlight Ascension and Hoshiwa retreated.
What a Cute and Lovely Cake!!
Cure Lovely and Cure Honey also arrived to help but everything was over. The girls were walking back and both Hime and Iona decide to make up by calling each other by their first name. Megumi also handed over Iona her Cure Line and officially welcome her to the team...
We finally come to the end of Cure Fortune's arc and it is pretty fun to watch Hime and Iona trading words at each other. Hime is a straight forward person while Iona was more calculated. The scene at the supermarket was hilarious especially when Hime called Iona a stingy person. (Iona's expression was priceless!) But it also showed that Hime does not know how to finance her money well while Iona (which I am guessing has no parents taking care of her) has to survive on her own and always go for the cheaper bargains which probably why she keep those coupons with her.
Cure Fortune's Pine Arabian was all right as it make it's victims go to sleep with Oriental Dream. But I am more concerned about Queen Mirage's belief as she has already been consumed with hatred and just wanted to destroy anything good in the world. The way she looked at Megumi is how a jealous lover will react and I am guessing this is not good for Megumi in the future.
In the next episode, Iona wanted the girls to have special training and they went to the beach to train. But Oresuki is there too and clashed with them. Later that night, Seiji spotted Blue and Megumi behaving "intimate" which spell trouble for the three of them too. What will happen next? See you next week to find out!


  1. By the way, that cake shown in this episode (from screen capture you showed because I couldn't see it live due to Internet connection issues) could be a preview of one of the upcoming Happinesscharge Precure! themed cakes coming from Bandai Premium....

  2. Finally an episode with really good animation overall .... haven't had one of those in a long time .... and they seem to becoming more sparse in precure ..... even in this season which shouldn't be the case , since the character models are one of the more simplifed designs ... doing their transformation pose animations with new animation without going into stock footage was a really nice touch in this episode too , especially Hime's which was pretty bad ass ....