Thursday, March 17, 2011

SRW OG S2 Ep 23-Mind Battle!

Shu arrived in his Granzon on the moon base and rescue Mao from the Inspectors troops. However Shu was wondering why all the Inspectors had abandon the base. Back on Earth, Kenneth ordered the Hiryu Kai and Kurogane to go to the White Star where the Einst and Inspectors are.

Kyosuke saw his new machine-Alt Eisen Riese being completed and later a briefing with Gilliam and his ATX members. Gilliam explained that Kyosuke and Excellen might have encountered the Einst when their space shuttle was destroyed years ago. Lamia informed that Excellen died in the Shadow Mirror world while Kyosuke survived. The strangest thing was Excellen had mortal wounds and should be dead however she recovered from it.

The Einst began to attack them and everyone sortie out. Bullet and Kusuha encountered Alfimi while Excellen in Reis Weibsritter approached the mother ships at top speed.

Kyosuke took off in Alt Eisen Riese and tried to talk sense to her. Excellen remembered who she was for a moment and fire a shot at Alfimi.

Aya and Mai informed Kyosuke that a mind control device is on Weibsritter. Kyosuke rushed to destroy it while all the Psycho Drivers pilots with Kushua and Aya in the centre held Alfimi at bay.

Kyosuke destroy the device and save her. He then heard a voice and saw an image of his evil self in the Shadow Mirror world.

Alfimi retreated and Excellen recovered while being in Kyosuke's arms...

I remember having a hard time trying to save Excellen in the game version and Alfimi is a real pain in the neck. I kinda of like when all the Psycho Drivers combine their powers and give Alfimi a headache (Haha!)Anyway, this battle is over and on to the Inspectors!

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