Friday, March 4, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 9-Isn't Char a Guy from Gundam?

Houki called her sister, Tabane and the latter told her that her Personal IS-Akatsubaki is almost ready and it will be an equal with Ichika's Byakushiki.

That morning, Ichika woke up with a naked Laura in bed. She misunderstood that married couples should sleep together and even pin Ichika down on the bed. Houki came in and smack Ichika silly.

If she found out that "Char" is a guy name...
Later, Ichika took Charlotte to the town district as she does not have a swimsuit. Charlotte was a bit upset that it was not a date and both are unaware that Laura, Cecilla and Rin are trailing them from behind. Ichika suggested a nickname for Charlotte and called her "Char" which she love it. He meet his old friends after leaving Charlotte to browse around.

E=MC, Sin Call Sign...
Damn, she should show more of it!

But she dragged him away and enter the changing room of a swimwear shop. Laura misunderstood the importance of swimwear and consult her superior in Russia for assistance. Ichika was asked to turn around while Charlotte changed into a new swimsuit. He told her it was cute but Chifuyu and Yamada Sensei disrupted them and were given a lecture.

The next day, the class went to the seaside-From giving an oil massage to Cecilla and saving Rin from drowning.
A mummy on a beach?!

Russian Fashion Sense-Isn't Laura the cutest girl ever?
Ichika was tired when Charlotte brought Laura and he told Laura that she look cute in her swimwear.

Laura was infatuated and was knocked out cold during beach volley.

Chifuyu and Yamada joined in which Charlotte. teased him for having an eye on Chifuyu. In the evening, Chifuyu met Houki on a cliff. She told Houki that her IS will be arriving tomorrow...

A cute episode with many misunderstandings! From Charlotte's swimwear (Her boobs are big!) to Laura being a lovable twin tail. I guess the author has a thing for twin tails-Houki, Rin, Laura, Tabane. Charlotte having Char as a nickname make me think that Ichika never watch Gundam as it is the name of Char Anazable, our favourite anti-hero from Gundam series. Laura's superior who love anime and manga probably had a wrong idea of swimwear but in Laura's case, it was a win for me!

The next episode, we are going to see Tabane in the light and more fun as the class playing around in the inn where they are staying.

P.S This is my 100 post and I thank all of you for your support and Laura's swimwear picture is the 100th picture for IS. It is a double win for me! Hope to hear your views and thank you again for supporting me!

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