Friday, March 11, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 10-Never put the whole Wasabi in your mouth!

Oh my WTF!!

Cecilla One Point Up!
The class had their dinner in their inn. Charlotte took the whole Wasabi in her mouth and was overwhelmed by it. Cecilla was feeling uncomfortable sitting on the floor which Ichika offered to feed her. The class became excited but were reprimanded by Chifuyu.

Cecilla was happy when Ichika told her to come to his room later. She prepared herself by wearing a sexy underwear and when she arrived at his room, the other four girls were eavesdropping. They misunderstood that Ichika and Chifuyu are doing something intimate.

Chifuyu has X-Ray Visions, knowing Cecilla is wearing Sexy underwear!
However Ichika was only giving a massage to her. Ichika also gave massage to the girls, starting with Cecilla first. Chifuyu knew that Cecilla is wearing a sexy underwear and make fun at her. She then asked Ichika to get a drink as she talked to the girls, telling them if they want to get Ichika, they got to work very hard.
The next day, Ichika and Houki saw a pair of metallic ears on the ground. Houki ignored it while Ichika pulled it out. Suddenly, a giant carrot capsule fell from the sky and out came Houki's sister, Tabane!

Chifuyu was giving a lesson for the girls when Tabane crash the party. She presented Houki her personal IS-Akatsubaki. It has two swords-Amatsuki and Karaware and Houki was amazed by it's power.
Suddenly Chifuyu received an emergency call as an unmanned IS codenamed "Silverio Gospel went amok in Hawaii and is heading straight for Japan. She assembled Ichika and the girls for a briefing. Chifuyu suggested that Ichika will have to take the shot in taking down the unmanned IS. Tabane interrupted suggesting that Houki's Akatsubaki with her speed and team up with Ichika. The others will act as back-up and the team began preparations.

As Tabane prepare the adjustments at Akatsubaki, she mentioned of the "White Knight" Incident. Ten years ago, when Tabane introduced the IS to the world, a virus caused all the missiles around the world to fire at Japan. A mysterious white IS destroyed the missiles, saving Japan and became an urban legend...

Finally some action after two episodes of slice of life! So we are going back to the beginning of the first episode when Ichika and the girls battle Silverio Gospel. Tabane was cute and funny, a complete opposite of Houki's strong front. The "White Knight" incident is interesting and somehow, somebody didn't really like the IS and the best way is to wipe out Japan off the map! Given that we are two or three episodes left, hopefully a second season can be announced soon as there are just too many questions unanswered...

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