Monday, February 28, 2011

SRW OG S2 Ep 21-Kill that #%@$ Bastard!

Three years ago, Elzam tried to save his wife, Catteleya from Archibald. However Archibald escaped and left poisonous gas in the colony. Catteleya who was chained with the gas tank told Elzam to fire the dock or the gas will leak to the colony. Elzam fire the shot in tears which later ruined Rai's relationship with him.

R-Gun and AM Gunner Combo! GREAT!!

SRX and Huckbein Boxer Double Blade Kick! HOT BLOODED!

Big Swords Clash! REAL MEN!!!
Now our heroes began their attack at the Earth Cradle. Ryusei and company combine to SRX and join the fight. Sangar and Wodam began to clash swords with each other as Sangar told Elzam to join the others. The Kurogane drill the cradle's defense leaving a hole for our heroes to enter.

Meanwhile, Aquilla has brainwashed Ouka into a mindless soldier and increase the GEIM system in her Rapiecage. Dr Cero took pity of Ouka however Aquilla warned him not to get soft now.

Our heroes finally meet Archibald and the battle begin. Ouka has joined in and lured Arado, Seolla, Latonni and Shine away. However Ouka was strong and took out Shine and one of Falken's arms. Archibald's Gravlion is not regenerating as before which SRX damage it hard. Suddenly Gravlion grab hold of SRX, attempting to blast point-blank but at the last moment, SRX purged out!

"I don't need T-Link Knucke to end this!"

Gravlion grab hold of R-2 Powered and held him hostage. Archibald taunt Elzam into firing which Elzam replied that it will not be Elzam taking revenge for Cattleya but Ratsel! He fire the shot which R-2 quickly eject from his Plus parts. Rai then destroyed the cockpit, killing Archibald.

Now Arado and the others were beaten by Ouka but he saw Dr Cero at the sideline looking at Ouka...

This is an intense episode with surprises and actions non-stop all the way. The Branstein brothers finally took their revenge against Archibald which he deserve it anyway. Ouka looked like some SM queen in that get-out and we will know how this is going to end for Ouka if it really follow the game route.

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