Friday, February 25, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 8-Sealed with a Kiss

The match begin with Ichika battling Laura while Charlotte taking on Houki. Charlotte took down Houki easily and assist Ichika.

 After several tries, Ichika distract Laura long enough for Charlotte to damage her AIC. He explained that Laura could not concentrate all corners if she is focusing on one opponent .

Charlotte then used Shield Pierce and damage her further. Laura was nearly defeated and started remembering her past. A test subject since young and was trained to be a soldier. She was injected with nano machines to work on her IS which she has problems adjusting in the beginning until Chifuyu taught her. She looked up to Chifuyu and ask her why she is so strong. Chifuyu replied because of Ichika which Laura could not accept it.

Laura's nano machines went berserk and her IS swollen her up turning into a black IS that is similar to Chifuyu's Yukihara. It took down Ichika which disable his IS. He saw the IS has a similar fighting stance like Chifuyu and was angry. Houki calmed him down and Charlotte offered her energy for transfer to him.

Ichika took the energy and was only able to materialise an arm and his sword. He activated Reika Byakushi and sliced open the IS, saving Laura's life.

Later, Laura awoke in the ward with Chifuyu by her side. She told Laura that her IS was implanted with Valkyrie Trace without her knowledge. Chifuyu told her to live as Laura and not a soldier. Laura laughed to herself after that.

 Houki meet Ichika and he told her that he will take her out on a date as promise. Ichika mis-interpreted as going shopping with Houki which she kick him in the stomach! Yamada sensei told Ichika and Charlotte that the male bathroom is complete and told them to use it.

Charlotte awkwardly enter the bathroom when Ichika was in it. She told him that to call her by her real name and decided to stay in the Academy. The next day, Charlotte re-introduced herself as a female student which everyone was stunned. Rin crashed into the classroom and fired a shot at Ichika. However he was saved by Laura who kissed him immediately. She proclaimed that Ichika is her husband which complicated things more!

The battle was fun although Laura turning into the black IS was creepy. It seems that there are people who are willing to use the IS as a weapon seeing that they tried to tweet the system even through a law state that no one should meddle with it. It is probably a feeling that Germany or some organisations is behind all the attacks. The daily life was fun to watch with Houki abusing Ichika, Charlotte's reintroduction and Laura who is the boldest among the girls, a kiss which I think it's Ichika's first kiss too.

Anyway, the next episode is a beach episode and Laura is making all the moves to Ichika (Yummy!)

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