Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saber plus Rider equal 3DS! Saber Rider Return!

If you are those kids back in the 80s, you will tune into this show during the weekends-SABER RIDER AND THE STAR SHERIFFS. The opening lyrics already say it all and yes, they are coming back on the Nintendo 3DS!

Some of you super robots fans might know that this is Star Musketeers Bismark. A Japanese Anime in the 80s about Space Sheriffs who kick alien butts. It wasn't popular in Japan but when World Enterainment Productions (The people who brought you Voltron) adapted it with some cool rock music, it was awesome!

The Japanese version had Shinji AKA Fireball in the America version (The guy in the red suit) as the main character but in the America version, Richard (The guy with the horse) was renamed Saber Rider and not bad to pull off such a stunt. Although why did the producers did it, it's anyone guess.

So coming next year, Saber Rider will return and with a complete DVD series coming out soon. Maybe we will see some new adapations of the show like Voltron?

Until then...SABER...RIDER!

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